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The Coin Silver Collection of Mr. John Montague offered in our Jan. 24, 2015 Auction

Listing of items from the Coin Silver Collection of Mr. John Montague, Esq., of Memphis to be sold January 24, 2015

The items listed here are from Mr. John Montague, a Memphis attorney who has spent the last several decades collecting rare examples of mostly Southern Coin Silver. They are part of an auction that contains 869 lots of antiques, fine art, jewelry, and other silver objects. All items will be offered in order of lot number.



Lot 43: 6 MOBILE COIN SILVER EGG SPOONS – 6 coin silver egg spoons, retailer mark “J. Conning Mobile” (James Conning, active Mobile, Alabama 1840-1872), in the fiddle and thread pattern with gilt bowls and “S” monograms. 5-3/8″L, 3.47 oz troy. Light wear to gilding, overall very good condition. $350-450.

44_1.jpgLot 44: MOBILE, ALABAMA FISH SLICE, KNAPP & LESLIE – Alabama coin silver fish slice with engraved fish, floral and foliage decoration, fiddle tipt handle monogrammed MMN, marked Knapp & Leslie in rectangle on back of handle (Alanson Knapp and Franklin A. Leslie, working Mobile, Alabama circa 1850-1854). 12-1/4″L. 5.78 oz troy. 1/2″L deep scratch to one corner of blade, near handle, otherwise excellent condition. $350-450.

45_1.jpgLot 45: 4 PCS J. CONNING SILVER FLATWARE — 4 pieces of Mobile, Alabama coin silver serving flatware, all in variants of the fiddle pattern and marked “J. Conning” and “Mobile” in separate rectangles (James Conning, active Mobile, Alabama 1840-1872). Includes 1 soup or punch ladle, 13-1/2″L, monogrammed PJM; 1 pastry server with additional pseudohallmarks (attributed to Gurnee & Co., New York; probably retailed by Conning), 10-1/4″L; 1 gravy ladle monogrammed AM or AH, 6-1/4″L; and 1 master butter knife, monogrammed JAC, 7-1/4″L. Combined weight 12.21 oz troy. Monogram on ladle appears to be a replacement of a previous monogram and ladle also has some denting to bowl. All other items in very good condition. $500-600.

Lot 48: 10 PCS GEORGIA RELATED COIN SILVER FLATWARE — 10 pieces Georgia-related coin silver flatware. Includes: 4 48_1.jpgteaspoons with shell and fiddle tipt backs, marked C. Catlin in rectangle (Charles Catlin, active Augusta, Georgia, c. 1840s), monogrammed G on front of handle; 2 forks (6-5/8″) in an Empire variant pattern, with incuse retailer mark for A.H. Dewitt of Columbus, Ga.; 2 Fiddle Thread pattern forks (7-1/2″L) by William Gale & Son with retailer mark for Clark & Co. of Augusta, Ga. (working 1822-1852), monogrammed G on front of handle; 1 Fiddle pattern tablespoon marked on back H.P. Horton in rectangle with star and eagle pseudohallmarks (working Savannah, Ga. circa 1850) with additional museum accession marks, monogrammed M.G. Lee on front of handle; and 1 Fiddle pattern tablespoon with mark for B. Lord (Benjamin B. Lord, b. 1770-d. 1843, active c.1796-1807 in Pittsfield, MA and Rutland, VT, later as B.B. Lord & Co. in Athens, GA), monogrammed LN on front of handle. 9.41 oz troy combined weight. B. Lord mark is very rubbed with wear to spoon end; wear to Clark fork tines, otherwise very good condition. $300-400.

49_1.jpgLot 49: 3 COIN SILVER JULEP CUPS – KENDRICK & KINSEY Three coin silver mint julep cups or beakers, all with triple reeded rims and footrings. Two (3-1/3″H) are marked E & D Kinsey (Edward and David Kinsey, working Cincinnati, Ohio 1844-1861) in rectangle with additional eagle or bird pseudohallmark and are monogrammed “Buckner” on front; the smaller one (3″) has incuse marks W. Kendrick and Louisville (William Kendrick, b. 1810- d.1880) and is monogrammed “Suzanne” on front. 13.57 oz troy combined weight. All circa 1850. Very good condition. $600-750.

Lot 50: 13 PCS KENTUCKY COIN SILVER INC. FISH SET – 13 pcs. assorted Kentucky coin silver flatware, mostly Louisville. Includes a Fish Serving50_1.jpg Knife and Fork, the knife blade engraved and pierced in a fish design, both pieces with elaborate Rococo style foliate scroll engraving and twisted handles having cartouche engraved ends (monogrammed H), incuse marks on back for Kitts & Werne (working Louisville, 1864-1878), knife 11-1/3″L; 4 dessert spoons with pointed handles bearing incuse marks H. Fletcher (Henry Fletcher, working Lexington, 1818-? and Louisville circa 1830-1866), monogrammed WEW; and 6 dessert spoons with Fiddle pattern handles marked W. Cooper (working Louisville and Cincinnati, 1835-1847), and 1 teaspoon with pointed handle marked S. W. Wariner in rectangle (working 1849-1864+), monogrammed H. 1 Cooper spoon has repaired split to bowl. Some other spoons have worn ends and scattered dents. Overall good condition. Fish set excellent. $400-600.


Lot 51: 10 LEXINGTON, KY COIN SILVER SPOONS — 10 Lexington, Ky coin silver spoons. Includes 1 Kings Pattern tablespoon marked S.S.Cutler & Co. and Lex KY in separate rectangles, 9″L; and 9 other spoons, all in the Fiddle Swell pattern and marked Poindexter in rectangle (attrib. William P. Poindexter, working Lexington c. 1820-1859), including 5 tablespoons monogrammed LMB and 4 dessert spoons monogrammed MJB. 13.23 oz troy combined weight. Circa 1850. Minor tip wear to some spoons, overall very good condition. $400-450.


Lot 52: 12 MILLER PADUCAH, KY COIN SILVER SPOONS — 12 Paducah, Kentucky coin silver spoons – 6 tablespoons and 6 teaspoons in the fiddle swell pattern, all with incuse marks on backs of handles: Jno. A. Miller Paducah KY with additional marks Pure Coin in rectangles (John A. Miller, working Paducah circa 1870). Ref. “Silversmiths of Kentucky” by Marquis Boultinghouse, p.206. All pieces monogrammed J.O. 11.14 oz troy combined weight. Provenance: the collection of John Montague, Memphis, Tenn. Excellent condition. $350-450.

54_1.jpgLot 54: 12 BELL COIN SILVER SPOONS, KNOXVILLE Rare set of twelve Knoxville, Tennessee coin silver dessert spoons with downturned coffin handles having mid-rib backs, 7-1/4″L, all monogrammed AEN on front of handles and marked S. Bell in rectangle on reverse (Samuel Bell, b. 1797-d. 1881, working Knoxville, TN 1819-1852 and later,Texas). According to “Tennessee Silversmiths” by Dr. Benjamin H. Caldwell, Jr., this mark is among those used by Bell during the time he worked in Knoxville. Bell also served two terms as Knoxville’s mayor before migrating to Texas. 7-1/4″L, 12.355 oz troy. Circa 1825. Overall very good condition with some tiny dents to bowls and light scratches. $1200-1800.

Lot 55: 6 KNOXVILLE COIN SILVER SPOONS, HOPE — 6 East Tennessee coin silver teaspoons by David Large Hope (working Knoxville, Tenn. 1828-1869), all in the fiddle pattern, marked “Hope” (3 with mark in rectangle and 3 with mark in serrated rectangle). All monogrammed HT in script. 6″L. 3.3 oz troy. Very good condition with some light small dents to some of the bowls of the spoons. One handle slightly bent. $350-550.

56_1.jpgLot 56: TITUS KNOXVILLE COIN SILVER TONGS — Rare pair of sugar tongs with shaped handles and round grips, marked R.T. in rectangle (attributed to Robert Titus, working Knoxville, circa 1826-1827; ref. “Tennessee Silversmiths” by Benjamin H. Caldwell Jr., page 161). No monograms. 6-1/8″L. 0.77 oz troy. Couple of shallow small dents. Deep 1/4″ scratch to one arm (does not go through), overall very good condition. $500-600.

57_1.jpgLot 57: 11 SEHORN TN COIN SILVER SPOONS — 11 Tennessee coin silver spoons (3 table or serving spoons, 6 dessert spoons and 3 teaspoons), all marked “.Sehorn” in rectangle with additional mark of a horse’s head profile over a chevron, in shield, and “Coin”, possibly George Sehorn (working Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee 1823-1843?). For a discussion of the various Sehorn marks associated with this silversmithing family, see “Tennessee Silversmiths” by Benjamin H. Caldwell Jr., pages 151-153). All pieces monogrammed S.C.H. Combined weight: 13.435 oz troy. Excellent condition. Tablespoons have some old sales sticker residue on backs of handles. $600-800.

58_1.jpgLot 58: NASHVILLE COIN SILVER MUG, J.S. BRITTON OR BRITAIN – Nashville, Tennessee coin silver mug or cup, slightly longer than usual form with molded lip and footring, C scroll handle, incuse mark on base “J.S.B. & CO COIN”. 4-1/4″H, 4.66 oz troy. Note this cup and its mark nearly identical to the cup and mark pictured on p. 43 of “Tennessee Silversmiths” by Dr. Benjamin H. Caldwell, Jr, minus the presentation inscription. The mark may be that of a John S. Britton, b. circa 1813, working Nashville 1855 until his death in 1860, or John S. Britain, working Nashville 1836-1836, or as many as three other possible silversmiths with some variation of that name (Caldwell’s discussion of “a snarl of Brittains” appears on p. 42 of the book). Circa 1850. One deep 1/2″ scratch and several smaller dents to area near center. $800-1200.


Lot 59: DONIGAN TN COIN SILVER LADLE – Nashville, Tennessee coin silver soup or punch ladle, fiddle tipt pattern, the back marked G.W. Donigan in rectangle (George Washington Donigan, working Nashville, 1850-1864), front of handle monogrammed MMC. Circa 1850. 12-1/2″L, 5.15 oz troy. Very good condition with minor wear and small dents to bowl. $800-1200.


Lot 60: T. GOWDEY NASHVILLE COIN SILVER CUP – Nashville, Tennessee retailed coin silver mug or cup with repousse floral design, monogrammed “Lula” in cartouche, with beaded lip and slightly raised beaded footring, acanthus decorated C-shaped handle. Incuse mark “T. Gowdy” (Thomas Gowdey, b. 1795, working Nashville, 1825-d. 1863). Note: the misspelling on Gowdy’s name in this mark, and on other Gowdey pieces, suggests they were made out of state and retailed in Nashville. 4″H, 3.885 oz troy. Circa 1850. Handle has been re-soldered and cup repaired (patched) at the joint; several small scattered dents to body and footring. $350-550.


Lot 61: CALHOUN COIN SILVER COMB – Nashville, Tennessee coin silver hair comb, rounded ends with 9 tines, incuse mark W.H. Calhoun (William Henry Calhoun, working Nashville, TN 1839-1860). Monogrammed LBO. 3-1/2″ x 3-3/4″. Weight: .705 oz troy. Circa 1850. Some surface scratching, some tines slightly bent. $500-800.

62_1.jpgLot 62: 2 CLARK TN COIN SILVER CUPS – Pair of Memphis, Tennessee coin silver cups or small mugs, both with faceted sides and flared rims, plain C-form handles; both marked F.H. Clark & Co and Memphis in separate rectangles (Memphis is italicized; attr. Frederick Harvey Clark, working Memphis circa 1850-d.1866 as F.H. Clark & Co.). One cup is monogrammed on front “Alice Clare” and the other, “M.A. Rawlings”. 3-1/4″H. 8.92 oz troy combined weight. Rawlings cup has deep interior scratch and several dents to one side; the other has some light wear and scattered small dents but is in overall very good condition. $800-1200.


Lot 63: MERRIMAN MEMPHIS COIN SILVER SOUP LADLE — Memphis, Tennessee coin silver soup ladle with fiddle tipt handle, marked Merriman and Memphis (italicized), each in rectangles, on back of handle (attrib. James Merriman, working Memphis 1841-1860). Monogrammed on front of handle Wm. A.V. Sue C. Nelson. 12-1/4″L, 4.93 oz troy. Circa 1845. Some small dents to bowl, overall very good condition. $1000-2400.

64_1.jpgLot 64: 12 MEMPHIS COIN SILVER SPOONS – Assembled set of 12 Memphis, Tennessee coin silver spoons, including 6 tablespoons and 6 dessert spoons, all marked F.H. Clark & Co. in rectangles, the tablespoons and two dessert spoons with additional italicized marks Memphis in separate rectangles (attr. Frederick Harvey Clark, working Memphis circa 1850-d. 1866 as F.H. Clark & Co.). Note that all are in the Fiddle Swell pattern except for one tablespoon; all but one have various monograms. 13.9 oz troy combined weight. 1 tablespoon with repair to shaft. Some tablespoons have dents to bowls. $800-1200.

65_1.jpgLot 65: PAIR SILVER CANDLESTICKS, MEMPHIS MARK – Pair of Austrian silver candlesticks, retailed by J.E. Merriman of Memphis. Hollow, lobed form with flared rim, swelling shaft and domed foot bearing Austrian hallmarks for .813 fineness and date 1864, with additional retailer mark “Merriman” in rectangle stamped inside one stick and “Memphis” in rectangle in the other (attrib. James E. Merriman, working Memphis 1841-47 with Frederick H. Clark; from 1847-1860 and later on his own and in partnership with others). 11-3/4″H, 16.76 oz troy. Note: while Tennessee silver retailers (such as Merriman became in his later career) often sold coin silver from Northern and even English makers in their stores, this appears to be a rare example of a Tennessee retailer making use of marked Continental wares. These objects may attest to the difficulty in obtaining silver during the Civil War in Union-occupied Memphis. Scattered small dents, scratches, and wear; wear to marks. $1000-1500.

66_1.jpgLot 66: 11 COIN SPOONS, MISSISSIPPI & TENNESSEE INTEREST – Eleven silver spoons of Mississippi and Tennessee interest. Includes six coin silver teaspoons in the Fiddle Swell pattern with incuse mark in all capital letters, “F.H. CLARK & CO.” attributed to Frederick Harvey Clark, monogrammed MSB, 3.69 oz troy; and five Wallace sterling silver teaspoons or five-o’clock teaspoons in the pattern known as No. 43 (introduced 1910) with gilt bowls engraved “Natchez,” retailer mark A. Graves & Co., 2.37 oz troy. Note: Frederick Harvey Clark was born in Connecticut in 1811 and is listed as a watchmaker in New York City directories in 1829-34. According to the exhibit catalog for “Mississippi Silver” at the Mississippi Museum of Art, Clark then moved to Vicksburg, and ads for watches of Clark’s own design appear in Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1833 and 1834. In 1841, Clark and James Merrmian formed a partnership in Memphis. Clark continued working in Memphis under various business names (including as F.H. Clark & Company) until his death in 1866. The “A. Graves Co” is listed as a Memphis Jewelry company in the 1917 Jeweler’s Circular directory. Very good condition with some small dents and light wear. $350-400

67_1.jpgLot 67: KLEIN MISSISSIPPI COIN SILVER LADLE – A Vicksburg, Mississippi coin silver soup or punch ladle, Fiddle Thread pattern, the back marked “Klein & Bro.” in rectangle (John Alexander Klein, working Vicksburg, MS, mark used circa 1854), top of handle monogrammed “Smith”. 13″L. 6.29 oz troy. Very good condition with wear to mark and to design elements on back of bowl and handle. $1800-2200.


 Lot 68: MISSISSIPPI COIN SILVER WATER PITCHER – Natchez, Mississippi Coin Silver water pitcher, pear shaped body with arched, flared spout and hollow C form handle, on a low domed pedestal foot. Marked on underside S. Cockrell (Samuel Cockrell, b. Virginia, 1808, moved to Natchez, 1838); possible mark above is obliterated. Three part script monogram to front, WSH. 9″H. 19.485 oz troy. Several scattered dents, including a 1/4″ diam. deep dent near handle, a 2″ diameter area of denting (possibly repaired) at center of 1 side, and scattered scratches. $2500-3500.


Lot 69: S. COCKRELL MS COIN SILVER LADLE – Coin silver ladle, possibly an oyster ladle or small punch ladle, with acanthus/Ionic design at tip of handle and base of bowl, incuse mark on back of handle “S. Cockrell / Coin / Patent 1855”. (Samuel Cockrell, b. Virginia, 1808, moved to Natchez, 1838). Monogrammed MJT on back of handle. 10-3/4’L. 5.08 oz troy. Some wear to design on back of bowl and handle, overall very good condition. $1000-1400.


 Lot 70: NATCHEZ COIN SILVER CREAM JUG – Natchez, Mississippi coin silver cream jug, helmet form with beaded rim, c-scroll handle with applied leaf decoration, the body with engine turned beaded ground and engraved floral band and cartouche. Cartouche is engraved “S. C. Hale From her Father A.B.W. Tenney, April 4th, 1864”. Marked in rectangle “E. Profilet” (Emile Profilet, b. 1801-d.1868, working Natchez, Mississippi 1823-1868). 7-3/4″H, 7.21 oz troy. Some black residue, possibly ink, to interior and light dripline/staining to one exterior side, scattered light small dents and scratches. $800-1200.

71_1.jpgLot 71: PROFILET SILVER WINE TASTER – Rare silver tastevin or wine tasting cup, marked in rectangle “E. Profilet” (Emile Profilet, b. 1801-d.1868, working New Orleans, Louisiana c. 1822, Natchez, Mississippi 1823-1868). Shallow, slightly bellied form with molded edge and triple reeded handle. 1″h x 2-7/8″ diameter. 1.82 oz troy. Mid 19th century. Note: a common form in French silver, taste-vins are almost unknown in American silver; this piece may reflect the French-born silversmith’s roots or been imported for a Franco-American clientele. Overall good condition with several scattered small dents. $1000-1400.


Lot 72: PROFILET NATCHEZ COIN SILVER MUG – Antebellum Natchez, Mississippi retailed coin silver cup or mug with beaded rim and footring, C -scroll handle, marked on underside in rectangle “E. Profilet” (Emile Profilet, b. 1801-d.1868, working New Orleans, Louisiana c. 1822, Natchez, Mississippi 1823-1868). Additional three part mark for William Gale & Son of New York, date 1854, and incuse large letter A. Inscription on front reads “W.H. Wells 1874 / Robert Leland Wells 1912 / John Laskey Wells 1943. 3-1/2″H, 3.71 oz troy. A few scattered small dents measuring 1/4” or less. $1000-1400.

73_1.jpgLot 73: AESTHETIC SILVER CUP, S. COCKRELL – Mississippi-retailed Aesthetic Movement sterling silver handled cup, with naturalistic, lily of the valley figural handle, lily of the valley engraving, and presentation engraving in center cartouche: “Jno P. Madison from his old friend, JRP, 26th August, 1874”. Marked on bottom for Whiting, Sterling, 106A, with mark S. Cockrell in rectangle (Samuel Cockrell, b. Virginia, 1808, moved to Natchez, 1838). 3-1/4″H, 4.12 oz troy. Uneven footring appears to have been damaged and repaired/altered. $500-800.

74_1.jpgLot 74: MCPHERSON MS COIN SILVER FISH SLICE – Natchez, Mississippi coin silver fish slice or crumber with beaded handle, the center cartouche engraved with a landscape scene with houses, surrounded by elaborate Rococo style foliate scroll designs, marked G. Macpherson in rectangle on back (George MacPherson, active Natchez, MS 1841-1872), 12″L. 5.21 oz troy. Very good condition. $400-500.

75_1.jpgLot 75: 12 VICKSBURG, MISS. COIN SILVER FORKS + 1 – Twelve Vicksburg, Mississippi coin silver forks, all with incuse mark “Klein & Bro.”, (John Alexander Klein, working Leesburg, Virginia circa 1833-1836, and Vicksburg, MS circa 1836 through at least the 1850s; mark used circa 1854). Includes six (7-3/4″L) forks and six (6-7/8″L) forks, all in the Fiddle and Thread pattern and monogram B.D. Also included is one additional fork of similar design, 7-5/8″L, marked only “coin” with monogram “Markham” which descended with the others. Combined total weight of all 13 forks: 21.30 oz troy. Two of the larger forks have some apparent ink staining to shafts (one on the top, the other on the bottom), some slight bends to some tines. $700-900.

76_1.jpgLot 76: 8 PCS NATCHEZ COIN SILVER FLATWARE – Eight pieces Natchez, Mississippi coin silver flatware (6 forks and 2 spoons), all with incuse marks “S. Cockrell” (Samuel Cockrell, b. Virginia, 1808, moved to Natchez, 1838). Includes six (7-3/8″L) forks with acanthus/Ionic decoration to handle and backs, incuse mark “S. Cockrell / Coin / Patent 1855” monogram M.P. on back of handles; one Fiddle Thread pattern teaspoon with incuse mark “S. Cockrell / Coin” and one Fiddle pattern teaspoon with incuse mark “S. Cockrell” and additional unattributed bust-lion-B pseudohallmarks, monogram R.S. Total combined weight: 12.62 oz troy. Some small dents and wear to bowls of spoons. Forks in excellent condition. $500-700.

77_1.jpgLot 77: 6 KLEIN MISS. COIN SILVER SPOONS – Six pieces Vicksburg, MS coin silver flatware: 3 tablespoons, 1 dessert spoon, and 2 teaspoons, all with various marks related to John Alexander Klein (working Leesville, Virginia 1833-circa 1836, then Vicksburg, Mississippi circa 1836 through at least 1854). Includes 2 fiddle and thread pattern tablespoons, monogrammed Smith; 1 olive variant pattern tablespoon also marked Patent 1850 J.W. (incuse marks) on back, and monogrammed M on front; 1 fiddle and thread pattern dessert spoon monogrammed Smith; 1 fiddle and thread pattern teaspoon; and 1 fiddle pattern teaspoon monogrammed NMF. Last spoon (monogram NMF) is marked “Wilson and Klein” in rectangle; all others have incuse marks “Klein & Brother” or “Klein & Bro”. Sizes range 6-1/2″ to 8-1/4″, combined weight 7.845 oz troy. The 3 spoons monogrammed “Smith” are in generally good condition, although all 6 spoons have some wear to backs of bowls and monograms and/or marks. The other 3 spoons have old transparent tape labels or tape residue which we have not attempted to remove. Wilson & Klein tablespoon has several dents and a 1/4″ tear to bowl. Olive pattern variant tablespoon has wear and slight loss of definition to pattern on both sides. $400-500.

78_1.jpgLot 78: NEW ORLEANS SILVER WATER PITCHER, A. HIMMEL – Large and heavy New Orleans coin silver water pitcher, made by Adolph Himmel for Hyde and Goodrich; baluster shaped, footed form with elaborate floral repousse decoration to the sides and feet, naturalistic branch style handle, and Rococo style scroll-and-shell lip and footring. Marked on underside HYDE AND GOODRICH MANUFACTURERS NEW ORLEANS with H for Adolph Himmel (1825-1877). 13-1/2″H, 43.70 oz troy. Scattered small dents and light scratches, overall very good condition. $5000-7000.

79_1.jpgLot 79: HIMMEL NEW ORLEANS BASKET, LADLE – Rare New Orleans handwrought coin silver confection basket (also known as a jam or sugar basket) and ladle, both pieces marked A.H. / N.O. (attributed to Adolph Himmel, New Orleans, 1825-1877). Basket features spiral fluted sides and vacant monogram reserve, wtih a pierced openwork rim decorated with applied grape clusters and figural housefly or other insect, and a bail handle also adorned with grapes and leaves and figural worms or caterpillars. The ladle features a leaf-form bowl and naturalistic handle with applied grape clusters, leaves, and fly figure. Basket 4″H x 4″W x 3-1/2″D (including handle), ladle 5″L. 4.5 oz troy combined weight. Excellent condition with some light oxidation to bottom of basket. $1200-1800.

80_1.jpgLot 80: HIMMEL LOUISIANA COIN SILVER SAUCE BOAT – Sizeable New Orleans, Louisiana coin silver sauce boat with molded rim, oval foot and c-scroll handle with decorative pierced, double scroll terminus. Marked on underside A.H. / N.O. (attributed to Adolph Himmel, New Orleans, 1825-1877). Monogrammed AA or RR on front. 6-1/4″ H x 8-1/4″ W x 3-3/4″ D. 8.46 oz troy. Tiny nick to rim on back side, overall excellent condition. $700-900.

81_1.jpgLot 81: LAMOTHE CREOLE COIN SILVER LADLE – Rare New Orleans, Louisiana Creole coin silver soup or punch ladle, circa 1815, by Pierre Lamothe in the Mid Rib Fiddle or Uniplat (French) pattern, with broad flat bowl. Marked “P. Lamothe” in rectangle; reverse of handle with worn script letter monogram. 12-3/4″L, 6.155 oz troy. Note: According to “Crescent City Silver” (pub. by The Historic New Orleans Collection, 1980), Pierre Lamothe was a member of a New Orleans silversmithing dynasty which included his father in law, Jean Couvertie, his brothers-in-law, his sons Jean-Baptiste and Jean-Marie, at least one grandson, and several nephews. Pierre Lamothe lived for awhile in Santo Domingo, where he married his wife, but they fled to Cuba during the slave uprisings. When the French were expelled from Cuba, Lamothe brought his family to New Orleans (by 1810). By 1821, he was working with his son Jean-Marie under the name of Lamothe et Fils; he is last listed in the 1823 city directory. 2 repaired tears to side of bowl, wear to rib and monogram, several tiny dents to bowl. $1800-2200.

82_1.jpgLot 82: 3 PCS LAMOTHE NEW ORLEANS SILVER – Three pieces of New Orleans / Creole coin silver flatware by Jean-Marie Lamothe and Jean-Baptiste Lamothe, two tablespoons and one fork, all in the “Mid-Rib Fiddle” pattern (also known as “Uniplat” in France). All are marked “Lamothe” in rectangle and are monogrammed en verso L.L. Spoons 8-1/4″ L, fork 8″L. 6.495 oz troy combined weight. Jean-Marie and Jean-Baptiste Lamothe continued their family’s silversmithing tradition from 1824-1846 in New Orleans (see lot # 81); these pieces exhibit the heavy, simple qualities of traditional French Colonial silver associated with the work of their father, Pierre Lamothe. Very good condition with expected wear to monograms and marks, some wear to ends of spoons. $800-1200.

83_1.jpgLot 83: 3 HYDE & GOODRICH JULEP CUPS – Three New Orleans, Louisiana retailed coin silver julep cups or beakers, each with beaded lip and footring, all marked Hyde & Goodrich in rectangle with additional small oval mark for Wood & Hughes, New York. Two are monogrammed EFT, the third monogrammed EBS. All 3-1/2″H, combined weight 12.23 oz troy. Mid-19th century. Overall very good condition with one or two shallow, minor dents. $1000-1400.

84_1.jpgLot 84: NEW ORLEANS COIN SILVER CUP, KUCHLER – New Orleans, Louisiana coin silver cup, Christopher Kuchler for Hyde & Goodrich. Beaded rim and footring with floral repousse cartouche at the front of body, monogrammed HLL(?), and C scroll handle. Marked on base “Hyde & Goodrich / Manufacturers / New Orleans ” with K in cartouche mark for Christopher Kuchler (working New Orleans, 1852-1870). 3-1/2″H, 3.83 oz troy. Some small dents to lower section of cup, polish residue (and possible denting) to centers of flowers, expected wear. $500-600.

85_1.jpgLot 85: NEW ORLEANS COIN SILVER LADLE, HYDE & GOODRICH – New Orleans, Louisiana coin silver soup or punch ladle with fiddle tipt pattern handle, marked Hyde & Goodrich in rectangle (New Orleans 1828-1861), with additional small incuse A mark beside it, monogrammed CSG on back of handle. 12-1/2″L. 7.52 oz troy. 2nd quarter 19th century. Very good condition with light wear and scattered small light dents to bottom of bowl, some sales sticker residue which we have not attempted to remove. $350-$400.

86_1.jpgLot 86: 3 PIECES E.A. TYLER SILVER, IVY MASK PATTERN, NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans Coin silver soup or punch ladle, 12-3/4″L; crumber or fish slice with engraved blade, 12-7/8″; and berry spoon with fluted bowl, 8-5/8″, in the Ivy pattern by Henry Hebbard for Whiting, with ivy leaf and devil mask decoration. All 3 pieces marked with incuse retailer mark E.A. Tyler (Edward A. Tyler, working New Orleans, Louisiana 1838-1879), and additional mark “H.H. Pat. 1866” and monogrammed JC. Combined weight: 13.025 oz troy. Circa 1866. Excellent condition. $500-800.

87_1.jpgLot 87: 2 E.A. TYLER COIN SILVER LADLES, EMPIRE PATTERN – New Orleans coin silver soup and punch ladle (2), both in the Empire pattern by John Polhemus; both with incuse (retailer) mark of E.A. Tyler (Edward A. Tyler, working New Orleans, Louisiana 1838-1879), and “JP Patent 1857,” one monogrammed “Nettie” on back of handle, 11-3/4″L, the other monogrammed “SBS” on back of handle, 12-1/4″L (note: neither ladle is monogrammed on front). 15.515 oz troy combined weight. Circa 1857. Very good condition with some light wear and denting to bowls. $400-600.

88_1.jpgLot 88: HYDE & GOODRICH COIN SILVER FISH SLICE – New Orleans, Louisiana coin silver fish slice with olive pattern variant handle; pierced, finely engraved blade depicting a fish surrounded by foliage and an engine-turned, guilloche pattern border. Back marked Hyde & Goodrich in rectangle (New Orleans 1828-1861) with small four pointed star mark adjacent. Elaborate 3 part script monogram, MRP? 12’L, 4.92 oz troy. Circa 1855. Tiny nick to one end corner of blade and to underside of handle, some scratching to underside of blade, overall good condition. $350-450.

89_1.jpgLot 89: TWO NEW ORLEANS COIN SILVER SOUP LADLES – Two New Orleans, Louisiana coin silver soup or punch ladles, both with Fiddle Tipt pattern handles. 1st ladle is marked Hyde and Goodrich in rectangle (New Orleans 1828-1861), no monograms, 12-1/4″L. 2nd ladle has incuse mark “H.F. Buckley / New Orleans” (Henry Peat Buckley, 1822-1903) and is monogramed JHS on back of handle, 12-3/4″L. 10.44 oz troy combined weight. Both in very good condition with light scratching and wear. $450-650.

90_1.jpgLot 90: TEN PIECES HYDE & GOODRICH FLATWARE, NEW ORLEANS – Ten pieces New Orleans, Louisiana coin silver flatware, all marked Hyde & Goodrich in rectangle (New Orleans, 1828-1861). Includes 1 gravy ladle, 1 sauce ladle, 1 condiment ladle, and 1 sugar shell, all in the French Thread pattern, with various monograms on backs of handles; and a set of 6 teaspoons, all with plain fiddle handles, monogrammed FHP on front of handles. 5-1/4″ to 7-3/4″L, 12.2 oz troy combined weight. Overall very good condition. Sauce ladle handle possibly bent. $450-650.

408_1.jpgLot 408: TWO COIN SILVER CUPS – NEW YORK AND BOSTON – 1st item: Boston coin silver beaker with molded rim and footring and swelling sides, monogrammed Julia Lamberd Jamison on one side and HW, DFS and Jacob Smith on other side, marked on bottom Baldwin & Jones in rectangle (Jabez Baldwin and John Jones, working Boston, circa 1813). 2nd item: New York coin silver cup, unusual leaf and bead design on handle, Rococo Revival style repousse floral cartouche design to body (monogrammed E.R.E.) raised on a finely gadrooned and molded foot. Marked C C & D in diamond (Charters, Cann & Dunn, working New York circa 1850), along with an arm and hammer and animal psuedohallmark and the stamped number 962. Combined weight: 6.47 oz troy. Very good condition. $400-500.

409_1.jpgLot 409: FOUR MISSOURI JULEP CUPS INC. AGRICULTURAL – An assembled set of four Jaccard St. Louis, Missouri coin silver julep cups or beakers of graduated size, from 4″H to 3-1/4″H, , all with beaded lips and footrings; incuse marks E. Jaccard & Co. and Jaccard & Co., St. Louis, Coin. Largest cup is not monogrammed; the others are inscribed or monogrammed, in descending size order: P.A.M.S, D.A.M.S. (likely Agricultural & Mechanical Society premiums), and S.H. 18.42 oz troy. Circa 1855. Scattered small dents (largest is 1/4″, on the tallest cup) and some overall wear. $1200-1800.

410_1.jpgLot 410: NINE PIECES MEDALLION SILVER FLATWARE INC. ICE CREAM SPOONS – 9 pieces early sterling silver flatware in the Medallion pattern, with Roman style bust and lotus design handles. Includes a large punch or soup ladle (12-1/4″L), smaller ladle with fluted, gilded bowl, 7-1/2″L; Cheese Scoop (8-1/8″L), and 6 ice cream spoons (5-5/8″L). Note ice cream spoons have slightly different profiles on handles. All pieces were retailed in Missouri by jewelers working circa 1850s-1870s: ice cream spoons and small ladle are marked E. Jaccard & Co.; cheese scoop is marked F. A. Durgin St. Louis Sterling, and large ladle is marked H. Prouhet. Combined weight: 14.95 oz troy. Excellent condition. $400-600.

411_1.jpgLot 411: JACCARD MO COIN SILVER GOBLET AND LADLE – St. Louis, Missouri coin silver ladle and goblet, both marked Jaccard St. Louis (rectangle marks on ladle, incuse marks on goblet; goblet may read Jaccard & Co.); the goblet with molded rim and beaded footring, 4-3/4″H, circa 1855; the ladle with gilded and fluted bowl and beaded handle, monogrammed “FCW”, 12-1/2″L, circa 1865. Combined weight: 8.5 oz troy. Some light wear to gilding on ladle; both pieces in overall very good condition. $450-650.

412_1.jpgLot 412: GUELBERTH MO COIN SILVER SOUP LADLE – Rare and heavy St. Louis, Missouri coin silver ladle, Fiddle Tipt pattern handle, marked A. Guelberth & Co. in rectangle with incuse St. Louis Mo mark (Auguste Guelberth, working St. Louis, MO c. 1836-1848). Monogram EOF. 12-1/8″L, 7.725 oz troy. Excellent condition. $400-600.

413_1.jpgLot 413: BEAUVAIS MO COIN SILVER JULEP – St. Louis, Missouri coin silver julep cup or beaker, with reeded footring and flared reeded lip, marked on underside “R. & A. Beauvais” in rectangle, and “St Louis” in second rectangle (Rene and Augustus Beauvais, working St. Louis circa 1850. Worn inscription, “R__ to BWLJ”. 3-1/4″H, 4.08 oz troy. Mid 19th century. Wear to body particularly affecting monogram; seam starting to show on exterior. $350-450.

414_1.jpgLot 414: THREE PIECES CHARLESTON, SC COIN SILVER – 3 pieces Charleston, South Carolina coin silver. Includes 1 Crumber or fish slice with fiddle pattern handle and floral/scroll engraved blade (12-3/4″L) monogrammed MJ and GHW, and a Reverse Tipt Fiddle pattern dessert spoon (7″), monogrammed EEW, both marked on back for retailer William Carrington, working Charleston, SC from 1830-d. 1901; and a Reverse Tipt Fiddle pattern butter knife (7-1/2″L) retailed by Hayden & Gregg (working Charleston, 1838-1863) with additional oval G&H mark and date mark 1847, monogrammed JW. Combined weight: 8.84 oz troy. Wear to tip of dessert spoon, otherwise all pieces very good condition. $400-450.

416_1.jpgLot 416: 18 PCS TENNESSEE & OHIO SPIRAL HANDLE FLATWARE – Assembled set of coin silver flatware with engraved handles, the spoons and ladle with twist or spiral shafts, 18 pcs total. Includes 8 teaspoons with C O mark attributed to Clement Oscamp (working Cincinnati, circa 1849-1865), monogram L or I; 1 sugar shell spoon with horse head and chevron pseudohallmarks for James Watts of Philadelphia; and 1 large punch or soup ladle marked Jos. Mendel in cartouche, 13-1/2″L. Also includes 4 forks marked for W.C. Byrd & Co. (working Memphis, 1859-1874) and 4 marked Duhme & Co., Cincinnati, (working 1842-1896). Teaspoons monogrammed L, Duhme forks monogrammed M or W. 27.22 oz troy. Very good condition. $500-700.

417_1.jpgLot 417: COIN SILVER DESSERT SET INC. NASHVILLE, 14 PCS. – 13 pcs Nashville, Tennessee coin silver dessert flatware plus 1 New York cake knife with hunt scene. Includes six 7-1/4″ dessert spoons and six 8″ forks, all with beaded handles, and a sauce ladle with Empire pattern variant handle, all with incuse retailer marks for Wm. Calhoun (working Nashville, 1835-d.1865); the ladle has additional mark I.H. & Co. Pat. 1855. Forks and spoons monogrammed Sue.Seay Benson, ladle monogrammed ACD. Also included is a coin silver cake knife with engraved scene of a hunting dog chasing a pheasant, surrounded by engraved foliate scroll decoration; raised Classical motifs on handle including vacant monogram cartouche, bearing psuedohallmarks for Albert Coles of New York, 12-1/4″L. Combined weight 19.53 oz troy, excluding knife. Very good condition. $400-600.

418_1.jpgLot 418: MEMPHIS COIN SILVER FISH SET – Memphis, Tennessee coin silver fish knife and fork, the knife blade engraved with scene of a man fishing, surrounded by a cartouche, against a background of engine-turned diamond designs, enclosed in a foliate scroll border with Empire pattern variant handle. Pierced fork has foliate scroll engraving to the reverse of end. Knife 11-1/3″, fork 8-3/8″. Both with incuse marks: F.H. Clark & Co. Patent 1855 Coin. (Retailer Frederick Harvey Clark, working Memphis circa 1850-d.1866 as F.H. Clark & Co.). Monogrammed “FHS to FJ”. Combined weight: 6.315 oz troy. Excellent condition. $500-800.

419_1.jpgLot 419: 2 RINGO TN COIN SILVER SPOONS – Two Tennessee coin silver spoons by Elijah M. Ringo (working Fayetteville, Lincoln County, 1824-1850, ref. “Tennessee Silversmiths” by Benjamin H. Caldwell Jr., page 146). 1st item: one tablespoon or serving spoon with unusual notched fiddle pattern handle, marked EMR in serrated rectangle, monogrammed H.E.R., 8-3/4″L. 2nd item: one fiddle pattern tea or coffee spoon marked E.M. Ringo in rectangle, monogrammed ALC, 5-1/8″L, 1.98 oz troy combined weight. Tablespoon exhibits loss to end and some dents, Teaspoon is damaged at both ends (possibly by a dishwasher). $300-350.

420_1.jpgLot 420: 15 PCS BEACH TN COIN SILVER, INCLUDING TONGS – 15 pieces coin silver flatware in the Fiddle pattern, all marked A. Beach in serrated rectangle (Andrew Beach, working Nashville, TN 1847-1857). Includes sugar tongs with shaped handles and shell grips, monogrammed SAC, 6-5/8″L; plus 12 teaspoons, all monogrammed RFO; and one smaller teaspoon and one 7″ dessert spoon, each monogrammed WB. 11.43 troy oz combined weight. Teaspoon monogrammed WB has some pitting, other items in very good condition with light wear to ends. $400-500.

421_1.jpgLot 421: 19 DONIGAN NASHVILLE COIN SILVER FORKS, PLUS 6 OTHERS – 25 coin silver fiddle thread pattern forks, 19 of which bear incuse marks on back for G. W. Donigan (George Washington Donigan, working Nashville, Tennessee 1850-1864) and are monogrammed H.V. S.S. These 19 forks include 11 salad or dessert sized forks (6-3/4″L) and 8 dinner sized forks (7-1/2″L). Also included are 6 other dinner sized forks ( 7-1/2″ L) in a nearly identical pattern (4 of them have identical monograms); these 6 have heavily worn marks or no marks (and 1 is marked only coin, with a monogram “Markham”). Combined weight: 34.22 oz troy. 5 unmarked forks have repaired shafts. Other forks in very good condition with minor wear to tines. $500-800.

422_1.jpgLot 422: 6 PCS DONIGAN NASHVILLE COIN SILVER – 5 coin silver fiddle tipt pattern spoons, marked on back G.W. Donigan in rectangle (George Washington Donigan, working Nashville, Tennessee 1850-1864), monogrammed MMW on front of handle. 8-1/2″L. 6.54 oz troy, circa 1850, together with a coin silver condiment ladle in a bead and scroll pattern, retailed by Donigan (with incuse marks), 5-1/2″L, .61 oz troy, circa 1864. Total 7.15 oz troy. Very good condition with light wear to ends of spoons. $250-300.

423_1.jpgLot 423: MERRIMAN MEMPHIS TN COIN SILVER CUP – Memphis, Tennessee coin silver cup, round bellied form with plain, slightly flared rim and spreading footring, marked Merriman in rectangle on underside (attrib. James E. Merriman, working Memphis 1841-47 with Frederick H. Clark and from 1847-1860 and later on his own and in partnership with others). Monogrammed across front: “Anne J. Howe from E. Howe”. 3-1/4″H, 4.78 oz troy. Footring does not sit completely flat; a few scattered small dents. Very small tear to bottom. $400-600.

424_1.jpgLot 424: 5 PCS CLARK MEMPHIS TN COIN SILVER FLATWARE – Five pieces of Memphis, Tennessee coin silver serving flatware, all bearing marks for F.H. Clark & Co. (Frederick Harvey Clark, working Memphis circa 1850-d. 1866 as F.H. Clark & Co.). Includes a 6-1/4″L gravy ladle with Fiddle Swell pattern handle, Clark mark in rectangle; a 5-3/4″ condiment ladle with Fiddle Swell pattern handle and Clark mark in rectangle; a 9″ serving spoon with engraved design on handle, bearing Clark mark in rectangle with additional mark “coin” with pseudo-hallmark; a 7-1/4″ L master butter knife with incuse Clark mark and additional mark “coin”; and a 3-1/2″ salt shovel with incuse Clark mark. All pieces except the condiment ladle bear various monograms. Combined weight: 4.64 oz troy. Overall excellent condition with some wear to monograms. $400-600.

425_1.jpgLot 425: STERLING TRAY WITH GREEK KEY BORDER – 19th century sterling silver footed tray or salver, oval, with Greek Key and bead design border, raised on four pierced scrolled feet. Impressed mark on underside: Meadows & Co. Sterling, 310 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Central script monogram, EEP. 18″ x 13-1/2″. 41.16 oz troy. Third quarter 19th century. Possible removal of dents or scraping to back, not visible from front, 1/2″ dent and some scratching to center. $1000-1400.