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May 22, 2010 Auction Highlights

Highlights from the May 22nd, 2010 Antiques & Art Auction in Knoxville are listed below:

(prices realized include a 13.5% buyer’s premium)

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3_11.jpg Lot 3 – The Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture and its Makers Through 1850 by Nathan Harsh and Derita Coleman Williams. 1988. Edge wear, small puncture and 3/4″ tear all to dust jacket, otherwise book is in excellent condition. Est. $400-$450. Realized $482.
7_11.jpg Lot 7 – 18th century Tennessee Map, published by Stockdale of Picadilly, entitled “A Map of the Tennessee Government, 1794.” Engraving showing the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers and giving the locations of Clarksville, Nashville, and Knoxville. Overall very good condition, some browning to margins, adhesive at corners of margins under mat, slight tear to lower margin under mat. Sight – 7 1/2″ H x 9 1/2″ W. Framed – 11 3/8″ H x 14 3/4″ W. Est. $700-$900. Realized $1,362.
12_11.jpg Lot 12 – Lot of two Andrew Johnson related pieces, including an autograph book and signed check. 1st item – Autograph book belonging to Andrew Johnson inscribed with the signatures of United States Senators and the Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Signatures from the three states without senators not included. Overall very good condition with general expected wear to book binding edges. Measures 8″ H x 5 1/2″ W. Circa 1869. 2nd item – Andrew Johnson signed check dated September 19th, 1867 and drawn from the First National Bank Washington, issued by the estate of Johnson’s granddaughters, Mrs. Margaret Johnson Patterson Bartlett. Overall excellent condition with one small “V” tear to back of check. Measures 3 1/4″ H x 8 1/4″ W. Circa 1867. Est. $900-$1200. Realized $1,816.
13_1.jpg Lot 13 – James K. Polk (11th President of the United States) State of Tennessee signed document, 1841, composed while he was Governor of Tennessee. Governor Polk’s bold signature has been written in deep brown ink and appears on lower right of document. Document describes the purchase of forty acres in Bradley county in the Ocoee district by Franklin L. Blair and his heirs. Very good condition with creases and a few adhesive residue marks, several very small brown spots to lower edge of document. Measures 15 1/4″ H x 11 1/8″ W. Circa 1841. Est. $400-$450. Realized $482.
15_1.jpg Lot 15 –  Civil War carved wooden cane descended from the estate of a Union Civil War soldier from Jefferson County, Tennessee. Carving on cane depicts Confederate snake chasing a TN mockingbird that is seeking safety under a Union Eagle shield. Overall very good condition. 35 3/4″ L. Late 19th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $567.
21_1.jpg Lot 21 – Painted Confederate canteen together with a related chromolithograph. 1st item – Wooden Confederate canteen with painted scene of a Confederate flag displayed over a headstone marked “Unknown” and a footstone marked “C.S.A”. Well executed with faded gold painted border. The scene painted on this canteen is taken from the central vignette of the Confederate Note Memorial chromolithograph. Condition – missing wooden band at spout, missing spout, and top circular edge of back wooden facing missing. 7 1/4″ Diameter. 19th century. 2nd item – Chromolithograph titled, “The Confederate Note Memorial” published by the American Oleograph Co. of Milwaulkee, Wisconsin, 1875, Charles F. Moore. Lithograph features four Confederate notes with vignettes and verses dedicated to the Confederate soldiers and depicts Confederate currency notes. Overall very good condition with foxing to margins and one hole to margin. 19″ H x 24″ W. Late 19th century. Note: This canteen and chromolithograph were accompanied by copies of Civil War letters possibly associated with Charles Moore. A Charles E. Moore is referenced in the book, “The Confederate Image: Prints of the Lost Cause” Holzer & Boritt, p. 106, “Charles E. Moore copyrighted an “oleograph” version of it (the chromolithograph) in Milwaulkee in 1879, with the title Confederate Note Memorial…”. The consignor obtained several copies of the chromolithograph, the canteen, and letters from a descendant. The detailed painting of the canteen accompanied with the Civil War letter copies relating to the Moore family suggests the canteen may have been decorated by Charles Moore and belonged to him. This lot also contains six (6) photo copies of Civil War era letters. Recent biographical information from a Moore descendant includes the following: Charles Franklin Moore was born Feb 14,1831 in St.Johnsbury, VT . He lived most of his life in Alabama where he owned a successful photography studio and was a self taught artist with many of his portraits in the possession of the family. Charles Moore served in the Confederate army, reaching the rank of Captain with the Alabama Infantry, 1st Regiment Company D. Moore married Mary Frances Terrell Rembert in Kansas City, MO and they had a son James Lovell Moore. Mr. Charles Moore died on December 3,1875 in Dayton, AL at the age of 44. Alabama state records shows a Charles F. Moore with the 1st Alabama Regiment, Company D “Red Eagles” as a volunteer on sick leave. The discrepancy between the middle initial with the Charles E. Moore referenced in The Confederate Image: Prints of the Lost Cause and the Charles F. Moore biography above has not been resolved at this time. Est. $900-$1200. Realized $1,362.
22_1.jpg Lot 22 – Civil War Letter Archive relating to Cornelius Bell, his brother, CSA Lieut. Thomas Bell, and the 30th Tennessee Regiment. Cornelius Bell, b. 1832, was a successful farmer in Robertson County. His brother, Thomas Bell, was 2nd Lieutenant (made 1st Lieut. Sept. 29, 1862), 30th Tennessee Regiment Company H. Lieut. Bell was captured at the fall of Fort Donelson and sent to Johnson’s Island prison in Ohio. He was freed as part of a prisoner exchange in Sept. 1862 but returned to action. He was wounded at Atlanta, Ga., on July 22, 1864 and died less than a month later (Aug. 15, 1864) with pneumonia listed as cause. Lot consists of 15 letters written by Lt. Bell to his brother Cornelius, some with outstanding content and sentiment. 1 letter from Red Springs TN where the 30th enrolled and description of activity as they traveled, 3 letters from Fort Donelson including mention of construction work at the fort and skirmishes with Federal gunboats, 9 letters from Johnson’s Island prison in Ohio with descriptions of the final days at Fort Donelson, prison life, status updates on other officers and his refusal to earn his own release by signing an Oath of Allegiance. 1 undated letter either from Fort Donelson or after his release from prison, “looking for a fight in a few days,” and 1 letter from Georgia, written shortly before his death. Also included are a letter critical of the Confederate cause, written to Lieut. Bell by his uncle, a Union sympathizer, and 3 letters from 1st Corporal A. B. Rogers of the 30th Tenn., who was captured at Fort Donelson, exchanged, and captured again at Raymond, Miss. (He died in Point Lookout Prison in Maryland Nov. 1, 1863).  Est. $800-$1200. Realized $2,724.
25_1.jpg Lot 25 – Painted zinc figural watch trade sign for “CONDERMAN BROS. JEWELERS”. Condition – Separation to seam at top of watch. Extensive losses to paint with some paint touch up. Denting to both upper and lower areas. 34″ H x 24 1/2″ W. 19th century. Lot $400-$600. Realized $625.
30_1.jpg Lot 30 – East Tennessee cherry press, cherry veneer, yellow pine secondary. Two part construction. Top consisting of an ogee cornice top with 8 pane glass doors over one long drawer, applied pilaster turnings on sides. Press base consists of two drawers, original punched tins in lower case doors with turned pilasters on bottom skirt and sides, feet with triple ball turnings, the first two ball turnings compressed. Overall very good untouched condition with old surface. Some slight veneer loss with loss/wear to stiles on upper and lower sections, absence of backboard on upper case covering lower drawer. Note – the absence of pins in the lower case doors with tins and lack of disturbance to these members indicate the tins are possibly original to the press. Top measures 54″ H x 42 1/4″ W x 13 1/8″ D. Base measures – 45 3/4″ H x 44 1/4″ W x 20 5/8″ D. Total Height 8′ 3 3/4″. Second quarter of the 19th century. Provenance – Thomas Reed (later spelled Read) of Horseshoe Bend plantation, Grainger County, Shirley Reynolds estate. Est. $6000-$8000. Realized $15,890.
31_1.jpg Lot 31 – East Tennessee cherry bookcase on chest, poplar secondary wood. Two part construction. Top with cove molded cornice over 8 pane glass doors enclosing adjustable shelves. Shelves with scratch bead fronts. Base with four graduated drawers, shaped skirt and bracket feet. Condition: Old, possibly original surface, bracket feet may be early to mid-19th century replacements. Missing veneer on left stile. Split to one drawer. One broken glass pane. 90 1/2″ H x 39 3/4″ W x 19 1/2″ D. Early 19th century. Provenance – Thomas Reed (later spelled Read) of Horseshoe Bend Plantation, Grainger County, Shirley Reynolds estate. Est. $2500-$3000. Realized $2,838.
32_1.jpg Lot 32 – East Tennessee cherry bird cage candlestand, turned standard on tripod foot. Condition – Original surface. One leg appears to be an old replacement from the 19th century. Split to top, old breaks to base where legs dovetailed, couple of chips to baluster turned standard. 24 5/8″ H x 18 1/4″ Diameter. Early 19th century. Provenance – Thomas Reed(later spelled Read) of Horseshoe Bend Plantation, Grainger County, Shirley Reynolds estate. Est. $350-$450. Realized $737.
36_1.jpg Lot 36 – Tennessee cherry press or server, one square-nailed drawer over two paneled cabinet doors, scratch-beading on drawer and doors with inlaid escutcheons on drawer and doors. Square tapered legs. Condition: Old refinish, drawer sides with minor rebuilding, replaced hinges. 43 1/8″ H x 33 1/8″ W x 17 1/2″ D. Found in Hickman County, Tenn. Circa 1840. Est. $400-$500. Realized $539.
42_1.jpg Lot 42- Ella Sophonisba Hergesheimer (American, Tennessee, 1873-1943) etching titled, “Along the California Coast” depicting wooded seacoast scene. Titled lower left, signed lower right with printing information lower left “32nd print, Edition 58”. Unframed. Excellent with some slight toning to paper. Sight – 10 1/2″ H x 13 1/4″ W. Full margin – 12 3/8″ H x 17 7/8″ W. Est. $350-$450. Realized $738.
45_1.jpg Lot 45 – Tennessee watercolor on composition board by Knoxville artist Walter Hollis Stevens (1927-1980) titled “July” and signed lower left. Exhibited at the Jackson Avenue Gallery exhibit of Walter Hollis Stevens works titled “Visions From the Landscape, Late Watercolors – 1975-1980″ . Listed as #8 in the exhibition catalog. Overall very good condition. Acid free mounting, framed. Watercolor measures – 30″ H x 40″ W. Margins are 2 7/8″ on top and bottom and 3 7/8″ on sides. Overall – 37 1/4″ H x 49 1/4” W. Est. $600-$1000. Realized $795.
47_1.jpg Lot 47 – Miniature painted portrait on paper of a Southern gentleman by John Wood Dodge (1807-1893, working in Nashville, 1840-1861). Frame case contains card with C.C. Giers Studio label (located in Nashville, TN). Portrait depicts a bearded gentleman attired in black coat and black tie on brown background. Housed in gold frame case that can be worn as a pendant or as a pin. Script en verso of portrait reads “Painted by John W. Dodge, Nashville, Tenn, July 1857, Likeness of Geo. T. Tomp–.” Very good condition with slight browning visible on shirt, frame loose from having been examined out of frame. 2 3/4″ H x 2 1/4″ W. A portrait miniature artist and dioramist, John Wood Dodge was born in New York City and was a member of the National Academy. In 1839, suffering ill health and possibly seeking an area with fewer competitors, he moved to Southern states and lived as an itinerant portraitist, basing himself in Nashville. From 1840 until 1861, he painted the likenesses of many of the region’s most prominent citizens, including Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay. By 1857, Dodge was still painting portraits on ivory but also coloring over photographs, as photography became a greater influence in the field of portraiture. However, examination of this particular painting under high power magnification indicates, in our opinion, that it is executed entirely in watercolor on paper. A similar Dodge portrait miniature on paper of John Harding is in the collection of the Tennessee State Museum. The sitter’s identity has not been determined. Dodge’s account books do not contain the year 1857. However, 1860 census records show a well-to-do land owner named George T. Thompson, age 43, living in Nashville with his wife, Martha Trabue Thompson, and family. Est. $1800-$2200.Realized $2,497.
49_1.jpg Lot 49 – Aloys E. Segerer (German/American, d.1949), gilt framed oil on board panoramic landscape depicting the French Broad river in background with homestead, country road and cattle in foreground. Signed and dated lower right, “Aloys E. Segerer, 1931?”. Condition – Overall very good condition with some slight damage to corners of frame. Sight – 23 1/4″ H x 47 1/2″ W. Framed – 29″ H x 54″ W. Early 20th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $794.
51_1.jpg Lot 51 – Continental/English gilt framed oil on canvas of mother with child seated in courtyard with rooster, chickens, chicks, and dog. Overall good condition with two small patches to painting in lower dress and mid window areas with later gilding applied to frame. Blacklighting flouresces a small area in the forest meadow background to the left, a small background spot behind the rooster tail and at the lower floor area of the figures. Sight – 11″ H x 9″ W. Framed – 17 1/4″ H x 15″ W. Early 19th century. Est. $400-$450. Realized $482.
53a_1.jpg Lot 53A – Heavy coin silver soup or punch ladle in the fiddle tipt pattern. Handle with engraved script monogram “FMK” and marked “J. Campbell” (John Campbell (1803-1875), working Fayetteville, N.C. 1818-1836, Nashville, Tennessee 1836-1857). Very Good condition with overall minor surface scratching. Ladle measures 13 3/4″ Length. Total weight 5.86 ounces troy. Circa 1850. Est. $800-$1200. Realized $2,837.
57_1.jpg Lot 57 – 18 pieces Sterling Silver Flatware, Wood & Hughes “Humboldt” pattern, retailed Memphis, Tennessee. All pieces engraved” E. W. Nevill to Laural 1870″ in script and marked “W. C. Byrd” and ” W & H Sterling”. Lot includes Five (5) 5 7/8″ teaspoons, Six (6) 7 3/4″ dinner forks, Six (6) 8 1/4″ tablespoons, One (1) 7 1/4″ butter knife. Good condition with surface scratches and one damaged teaspoon bowl. Total weight 27.70 ounces troy. Est. $300-$500. Realized $482.
63_1.jpg Lot 63 – George III sterling silver chamberstick ,hallmarks for John Carter, London, 1773. Finely gadrooned rim, scrolled handle, engraved crest. Together with a wick trimmer and snuffer, each unmarked. Condition: chamberstick with minor dents and scratches, missing bobeche; snuffer with worn finial and missing handle/attachment. Chamberstick 3″ height, 5 1/4″ diameter, 5.15 oz troy; 7.115 oz troy total weight. Deaccessioned by Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art to benefit the acquisitions fund. Est. $200-$300. Realized $397.
65_1.jpg Lot 65 – 2 sterling silver serving pieces in the “Bridal Rose” pattern by Alvin. Fish or Ice Cream slice, 11″ length, and a serving fork with pierced design, 9″ length. Both pieces monogrammed. Excellent condition with light scratching. 9.43 oz troy. Est. $150-$250. Realized $340.
66_1.jpg Lot 66 – Sterling silver serving spoon, marks for George W. Shiebler and Co., New York, c.1900, the handle cast in a high relief Iris or Orchid design, excellent condition. 10″ length, 5.22 oz troy.  Est. $200-$300. Realized $397.
67_1.jpg Lot 67 – Wood and Hughes figural sterling silver spoon / fork, figural cherub handle over a reeded shaft, gilt-washed bowl with pierced edge and serrated end, marked on back W & H Sterling and inscribed “1862/1912″ on front of bowl. Slight bend to end tines, overall very good condition. Measures 11 1/2” length, 3.19 oz troy. Est. $300-$500. Realized $737.
69_1.jpg Lot 69 – Baltimore sterling silver Castle Pattern tea and coffee service, marks for Schofield Co., also marked Sterling and 925/1000 Fine (except for waste bowl, which is unmarked). Creamer also appears to have overstruck mark (possibly Steiff). Elaborate repousse floral decoration with central castle motif, the handles decorated with cast figural ram head. Set includes 13 1/2″ coffee pot (marked 7004), 12 1/2″ tea pot (7003), 8 1/2″ sugar bowl (7001), 9″ cream pitcher (7000), 6 3/4″ waste bowl (Unmarked). Excellent condition with considerable patina – no dents, scratches, or repairs noted. Total Weight 108.50 ounces troy. Est. $2500-$3500. Realized $7,945.
71_1.jpg Lot 71 – Ornate repousse silver plate, scroll and cartouche border with classical scene in center. Unmarked, probably Continental .800 silver. 10 1/2″ diameter. Light scratching and small dents, overall good condition. Deaccessioned by Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art to benefit the acquisitions fund. Est. $200-$250. Realized $340.
74_1.jpg Lot 74 – Tennessee stoneware jar by William Grindstaff, stamped with “g” on shoulder and “1 W GRINDSTAFF” on lower base. Excellent condition. 9 1/2″ H. Late 19th century. Note: The sale proceeds of this item will be donated to Harvest Field Ministries, a ministry serving several communities in the country side above Port au Prince, Haiti, recently devastated by an earthquake. The funds will be used to supply meals to orphans and to help rebuild an orphanage for girls that was destroyed in the community of Coq Chante. Est. $1400-$1800. Realized $1,702.
75_2.jpg Lot 75 – Tennessee stoneware jar by William Grindstaff, stamped “W GRINDSTAFF, TN” on the shoulder of the jar. Unusual urn form with round and indented handles with light tan band around middle of jar. Condition – Broken and re-glued. 8″ H. 19th century. Est. $100-$200. Realized $482.
78_1.jpg Lot 78 – Rare redware pitcher by Christopher Alexander Haun (1821-1861), Greene County, Tennessee. Lead glaze with manganese or iron oxide loop designs. The marked pitcher is stamped on upper rim including the letters “C A Haun & Co” and compass star stamping with cross hatch stamping at terminus of handle. Condition – Handle missing with light wear and shallow chips around rim and base. Hairline cracks with minor exfoliation to glaze. 8 1/4″ H. Note – Haun was a Union sympathizer during the Civil War and participated in burning a Confederate railroad bridge (Lick Creek) in Greene County, TN. In 1861, Confederate forces captured Christopher Haun and put him to death by hanging. As of this writing, this is the only known marked Christopher Haun pitcher form. Est. $3500-$4500. Realized $9,988.
79_1.jpg Lot 79 – Miniature stoneware pottery jar with stamped four leaf clover design around body, each with cobalt highlights. Signed in script on base, “E. W.”. Found near Kentucky – Tennessee border near Tompkinville, KY. Excellent condition. 2 3/4″ H. Early 19th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $850.
80_1.jpg Lot 80 – Large 4 gallon stoneware jar with extruded lug handles, bold cobalt decorated five petal tulip design on both sides, “4” capacity mark on rim consistent with known Decker forms from Keystone Pottery, Washington Co., TN. The large open tulip design is associated with potter, Charles Decker. Overall excellent condition with a couple of light flake chips to rim. 14 1/4″ H. Late 19th century. Est. $1800-$2200. Realized $2,610.
82_1.jpg Lot 82 – Lanier Meaders early rock teeth face jug with painted eyes and runny dark olive glaze. Inscribed “Lanier Meaders” on base. Overall excellent condition. Measures 9 3/4″ H. Est. $1200-$2400. Realized $1,475.
83_1.jpg Lot 83 – Southern face jug by Lanier Meaders (1917-1998), White County, Georgia. Matte Green with Green alkaline glaze on handle, ears and facial features, matte black pupils, including a single row of slightly protruding clay teeth. Signed on bottom “Lanier Meaders”. Excellent condition. Measures 10 1/4″ H. Provenance: From a private Georgia collection. Est. $600-$900. Realized $964.
85_1.jpg Lot 85 – Georgia Folk Pottery Rooster, Edwin Meaders, alkaline olive glaze with sideways turned head, incised signature on the bottom in script “Edwin Meaders”. Overall excellent condition with mild rubbing to glaze on base. Measures 15″ H. Provenance: From a private Georgia collection. Est. $500-$800. Realized $908.
87_1.jpg Lot 87 – Early Burlon Craig (Lincoln County, North Carolina, 1914-2002) single eyebrow face jug in dark olive mottled alkaline glaze with some areas of rutile. Face design includes bulging eyes, deformed nose and broken-china teeth. Marked “B B Craig, Vale N C ” on bottom surface. Overall excellent condition. Measures 8″ H x 6 3/4″ W. Est. $350-$450. Realized $397.
93_1.jpg Lot 93 – Pair of French empire style gilt and onyx urns. Tapering onyx and metal urns raised on onyx bases. Upper gilt metal depicts grapevines and birds. Condition – Overall very good condition with onyx for one urn showing old separation crack. 12 1/4″ H x 4 3/4″ W. 19th century. Est. $200-$300. Realized $539.
95_1.jpg Lot 95 – William Waldo Dodge (Asheville, North Carolina, working 1923-1942), two sterling silver trophy plates from Biltmore Forest Country Club, 1939 and 1941. Hallmarked on reverse. Overall good condition, one plate has slight bent on edge, owner name engraved on back of both plates. Each 7″ diameter. 15.830 oz. troy. Est. $300-$350. Realized $340.
96_1.jpg Lot 96 – William Spratling Mexican sterling silver pitcher, bulbous form fitted with shaped rosewood handle(eagle profile) with rivet decoration around lower handle, impressed “Spratling Made In Mexico” and “Spratling Silver”. Overall very good condition with a slight dent to rim. 6 1/2″ H. Circa 1940-1944. Est. $900-$1200. Realized $1,589.
99_1.jpg Lot 99 – Arts & Crafts era screen, three-panel form with painted landscape to one side and green foliate scene to verso. Wooden frame with applied brass tacks to perimeter of each panel. Overall very good condition with old repair to tear in one panel. 60 3/4″ H x 62 1/4″ W. Early 20th century. Est. $500-$700. Realized $624.
106_1.jpg Lot 106 – Rookwood Standard glaze or transitional Iris glaze scenic vase, depicting four birds in flight with blue green to yellow glaze color, marks for Kataro Shirayamadani, 1893. Marks include the Rookwood logo, which indicates the date, shape #216 and the incised signature of the artist. Excellent condition with some fine cracklure. Minor firing imperfections to glaze on underside of rim. 11″ H. Circa 1893. Est. $1800-$2200. Realized $2,157.
114_1.jpg Lot 114 – Assembled lot of snuff bottles, 1 red pottery urn form with metal and black onyx stopper (possibly replaced), 1 brownish green pottery vase form with coral stopper and crack to coral (stopper possibly replaced), 1 green carved jade with minor losses to carving, and 1 blue ceramic painted with man atop horse and gilt highlights, missing stopper. 4 pieces total. Ranging in height from 3 7/8″ to 2 3/8″. 20th century. Est. $200-$250. Realized $908.
115_1.jpg Lot 115 – Assembled lot of snuff bottles, 1 Peking glass with white jade stopper, 1 amber glass with metal top and white jade and wooden stopper, 1 carved hard stone decorated with lizard and blue glass stopper (possibly replaced), and 1 carved white jade with coral stopper having some discoloration to jade. 4 pieces total. Ranging in height from 3 1/4″ to 2 3/4″. 20th century. Est. $200-$300. Realized $737.
117_1.jpg Lot 117 – Assembled lot of Oriental cloisonne snuff bottles, 2 urn forms, 1 bulbous jar form and 1 crane form. 4 pieces total. Ranging in height from 3 1/2″ to 2 1/4″. All very good condition, one not with original top, two with missing spoon. Late 19th and Early 20th century. Est. $200-$250. Realized $368.
119_1.jpg Lot 119 – Assembled lot of Oriental ivory snuff bottles, 1 marble with ivory or bone base top and stopper with some discolorization, 1 carved and inscribed with scholar with age cracks, 1 octagonal form with carved men and flower on scrolled base, one inscribed with dragon and with sticky label residue, and 1 inscribed with tree and bird scenes with some age cracks. 5 pieces total. Ranging in height from 3 1/4″to 2″. 20th century. Est. $200-$250. Realized $368.
122_1.jpg Lot 122 – Pair of black framed Oriental panels with applied raised jade, ivory, and other stones depicting vases with floral arrangements, fruit, animals and other Oriental motifs. Excellent condition. Each measures 42 1/8″ H x 13 1/4″ W. Est. $600-$800. Realized $10,215.

126_1.jpg Lot 126 – Famille Rose bowl depicting Chinese figures in a rural landscape painted in iron green and red with pinks and purple surrounded by elaborate gilt and red floral motifs to bowl and inside rim, the interior with a central floral medallion. Unmarked. Condition – Overall good with chip to inside bowl rim, several residual areas of yellowing to bowl rim and some very mild scratches noted to outer glazed surface. 4 1/4″ Height x 10″ Width. Most likely 18th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $454.
128_1.jpg Lot 128 – Ch’ing Dynasty vase with predominately blue and pale bluish-green decoration in imitation of Cloisonne work. Stamped wax plaques on base. Condition – Excellent condition. 8″ H x 4″ D. 2nd item – Ch’ing dynasty vase with white fired background and decorated cherry blossoms and branches. Signed on base. Condition – Excellent condition. 9″ H. 19th century. Est. $300-$350. Realized $964.

130_1.jpg Lot 130 – Large blue and white scenic plaque, cartouche shaped with scene of man and child walking along a canal lined village street with boats and church. Mark for Royal Tichelaar Makkum (Netherlands, in operation since 1572). Condition: small chips and imperfections at edges, light surface crazing. 23″ x 18 1/2″. Est. $500-$700. Realized $539.

131_1.jpg Lot 131 – Set of three handcrafted Herend Porcelain animal figures, having a white ground with orange and fired gold accents. 1st item – Rhinoceros with stamps on the underside, ” #709, 15333-0-00/VH 7 G99, Herend Hungary, Handcrafted”. Excellent Condition. Measures 2 3/4″ H x 1 1 3/4″ W x 5″ D. 2nd item – Ram with stamps on the underside ” #187, 75559, SVH D99 and Herend Hallmark”. Excellent Condition. Measures 4 1/4″ H x 1″ W x 4″ D. 3rd item – Moose with stamps on underside, ” #709, 75563/SVH L98 and Herend Hallmark. Excellent Condition. Measures 5 1/4″ H x 4″ W x 5 7/8″ D. Est. $250-$350. Realized $482.

132_11.jpg Lot 132 – Set of three handcrafted Herend Porcelain animal figures, having a white ground with orange and fired gold accents. 1st item – Rhinoceros with stamps on the underside, ” #709, 15333-0-00/VH 7 G99, Herend Hungary, Handcrafted”. Excellent Condition. Measures 2 3/4″ H x 1 1 3/4″ W x 5″ D. 2nd item – Ram with stamps on the underside ” #187, 75559, SVH D99 and Herend Hallmark”. Excellent Condition. Measures 4 1/4″ H x 1″ W x 4″ D. 3rd item – Moose with stamps on underside, ” #709, 75563/SVH L98 and Herend Hallmark. Excellent Condition. Measures 5 1/4″ H x 4″ W x 5 7/8″ D. Est. $350-$400. Realized $397.

133_1.jpg Lot 133 – Set of twelve Haviland Limoges hand decorated porcelain oyster plates with various hand painted fish, shell fish and ocean plants. Numbered in black script underside, K/83. Marked H & Co. Overall very good condition with two plates having a chip to underside rim, a third plate with a flea bite size chip to underside; all decoration excellent. Each plate measures 8 3/4″ Diameter. Est. $500-$800. Realized $2,383.
139_1.jpg Lot 139 – Cameo art glass vase, acid cut in freesia design, bulbous form, ranging in color from deep to light plum and white frosted glass. Signed Legras. Overall excellent condition with a couple of small areas of unetched glass. 8″ H. France, early 20th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $454.
140_1.jpg Lot 140 – Two glass vases. 1st item – Lalique France crystal art glass vase with partially draped nude woman holding torch above her head. Signed on lower back with Lalique Paris sticker on interior rim. Excellent condition. Measures 13 1/4″ H x 6 1/2″ W. 20th century. 2nd item – Venetian blue cut to clear glass vase with gilt decorations. Unmarked. Overall very good condition with expected mild rubbing to some gilt painted designs. Measures 6″ H x 4 1/4″ W. Est. $300-$350. Realized $369.
143_1.jpg Lot 143 – 14 karat Patek Phillipe Swiss lever pocket watch sold by H. W. Curtis, a Knoxville, Tennessee retailer, circa 1890. Gold open face case with high quality keyless bar movement with a going barrel. Steel teeth winding wheels. Plain cock movement with a polished steel regulator, compensator balance with a blue steel overcoil hair spring. Club foot lever escapement, the lever counter balanced with extensions to the arms. Escape and lever pivots with end stones. Signed white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds, Breguet numerals and gilt hands. Open face case with ribbed middle. Gold cuvette inscribed “Samuel Vance Carter Oct 22, 1896″ – Movement No. 87.585 – Patek Philippe & Co. Geneva.” Engraved on the gear works, “W. H. Curtis Knoxville, Tenn.” Condition – slight hairline crack to face, not tested for functionality – appears to have a broken balance staff. Date of manufacture: 1890. Lot includes Patek Philippe authentication certificate. Certificate states this movement was sold without the case in 1891. Est. $1200-$1400.Realized $1,362.
145_1.jpg Lot 145 – One pair 14K white gold mounted diamond earrings in circular design with pear shaped drops, ( VS1 clarity, K-L color), surrounded by round diamonds, (VS1 clarity, K-L color). Total of eighty (80) brilliant cut diamonds, total weight approximately 4.25, for pierced ears. Very good condition.  Total weight, 12.6 grams. Est. $1600-$1900. Realized $2,951.
146_1.jpg Lot 146 – Ladies 14K yellow gold, pave set, diamond and black-enamel cluster ring. Maker’s mark “Suberi Brothers” located on interior. Ring includes one cushion shaped old mine-cut diamond, approximately 1.50 carats, Imperfect clarity, M-N color, surrounded by twenty-four round old mine-cut melee alternating with black enamel ribbon accents, approximately 1.72 carats, SI1, M-N color. Reverse pierced filigree design. Appraised value $3532.00. Excellent Condition. Measures 7/8″ square. Weight 7.3 grams. Circa 1910-1930. Est. $1000-$2000. Realized $1,930.
147_1.jpg Lot 147 – Ladies platinum bangle bracelet with eleven (11) round, Old European cut diamonds mounted in line across top half of bracelet, approximately 4.05 total carat weight, with 1.25 ct. diamond at center of bracelet, two side diamonds with an approx. total wt. of 1.30 cts., four side diamonds with an approx. wt. of 1.00 ct., two side diamonds with approx. wt. of .30 ct. and two side diamonds with approx. wt. of .20 ct. The average quality of stones is approximately I1 clarity, M-N color. Filigree top and sides of bracelet, chasing on bottom, 4″ safety chain. Overall good condition, with bend and loss of shape to lower bracelet edge which is easily repaired. Weight 14.5 grams. Est. $1500-$2500. Realized $2,610.
148_1.jpg Lot 148 – Ladies 18K white gold mounted Aquamarine ring, contains one large, round, faceted, natural Aquamarine, approximately 20 carats. Marked 18K. Excellent condition. Stone measures 19.6mm diameter x 11.5mm depth. Weight 15.2 grams. Est. $700-$1000. Realized $1,078.
149_1.jpg Lot 149 – Ladies 18K yellow gold mounted diamond and emerald crown pin / pendant. Crown design includes one 12.0mm x 10.04mm square- shaped natural emerald surrounded by eighty-six round single cut diamonds and one pear-shaped diamond drop ( 1.07 carats, pale yellow). Total diamond weight, approximately 2.62 carats. The emerald measures approx. 12.0mm in length, 10.4mm in width and 3.65mm in depth and weighs approx. 2.99 carats. The color is a medium dark yellowish green hue with characteristic inclusions. Excellent condition. Appraised 18K, acid tests 17K. Pendant measures 2 1/2″ H x 1 1/2″ W. Weight 19.8 grams. Est. $1000-$1500. Realized $1,589.
160_1.jpg Lot 160 – Middle Tennessee walnut corner cupboard, single case construction. Original dentil molded cornice with repeating incised circle design, glazed doors, medial and side molding, bracket foot base. Older dark finish. Condition – Hinges to one lower door replaced. Scattered minor breaks and losses to cornice and side moldings, scattered surface nicks and abrasions, glass replaced. 102 7/8″ H x 59 1/2″ D x 26 7/8″ W. Tennessee, circa 1820. Provenance: Descended in the Buchanan family of Nashville, early settlers of Davidson County. Est. $5500-$6500. Realized $5,675.
161_1.jpg Lot 161 – Middle Tennessee sugar chest, cherry with walnut and poplar secondary woods. Lift top with breadboard ends, interior divider with unusual dovetailed box fitted in right well area, dovetailed case and lower drawer, turned legs. Interior well box with walnut sides, poplar chamfered bottom panel. Cut out for interior liner box matches alignment for lock. Original locks and hinges. Condition – older refinish, old butterfly repair to split visible on underside of breadboard top, later drawer supports, traces of dark stain residue on front corner of breadboard top, expected wear and abrasions. 38″H x28″W x 20″D. Circa 1825. From an old Davidson County, TN family. Est. $3500-$4500. Realized $7,378.
163_1.jpg Lot 163 – Red painted dower chest, attr. Georgia or North Carolina. Yellow pine chest on frame, with lift top, dovetailed sides and drawers, interior till, two drawers, applied molding and bracket feet. Old iron nails on top with possibly original rat-tail hinges. Overall good condition with expected wear to paint, box has an old split on three sides. 39 1/4″ H x 49″ W x 24″ D. Early 19th century. Provenance: From a private Georgia collection and featured on page 23, April 1997 issue, of “Early American Homes” magazine. Est. $500-$700. Realized $908.
165_1.jpg Lot 165 – Bibb Co. Georgia diminutive red painted blanket chest with bracket feet, shaped sides and applied molding. Condition – Overall good condition with general wear to paint. 19th century. 18″ H x 38 1/4″ W x 17″ D. Provenance: a private Georgia collection. Est. $300-$350. Realized $482.
167_1.jpg Lot 167- East Tennessee yellow pine farm table, harvest table length, tongue and groove constructed top with rounded edges and tapered Hepplewhite legs. Condition – Old refinish to top with expected wear and some slight losses to top and base. 30 3/4″ H x 98″ L x 40″ D. 19th century. Provenance – Thomas Reed(later spelled Read) of Horseshoe Bend Plantation, Grainger County, Shirley Reynolds estate. Est. $400-$700. Realized $681.
168_1.jpg Lot 168 – East TN walnut one drawer table, poplar secondary wood, one pull, top with round edges over one dovetailed drawer and shaped underskirt resting on turned legs. Condition – Overall good condition with expected wear. Original finish. 31″ H x 30 1/4″ W x 17 3/4″ D. Provenance – Thomas Reed (later spelled Read) of Horseshoe Bend Plantation, Grainger County, Shirley Reynolds estate. Mid 19th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $1,135.
176_1.jpg Lot 176 – Pair of inlaid mahogany knife boxes with serpentine fronts, shell-inlaid slant top, herringbone inlaid edges, with herringbone and banded inlaid conforming case. Interior inlaid. Very good condition. 13 3/4″ H x 8 1/2″ W x 12″ D. Late 19th/Early 20th century. Est. $800-$900. Realized $1,702.
177_1.jpg Lot 177 – An oak Aesthetic movement or Eastlake display easel with elaborate turned, pierced and carved floral decoration. Overall very good condition. 82″ H x 25″ W. Late 19th century. Est. $450-$650. Realized $795.
179_1.jpg Lot 179 – Classical Recamier, crotch mahogany veneer, with rolled headrest, well executed carved medallions resting on reeded and turned feet. Overall very good condition with slight wear to bottom veneer. Approximately 81″ L x 33″ H x 27 1/2″ D. American, circa 1840. Est. $1000-$1400. Realized $1,589.
182_1.jpg Lot 182 –  Italian painted Bombe four drawer chest with shaped top and sides and raised on cabriole legs. Paint decorated with cherubs and floral sprays. Overall good condition with expected wear and losses to paint. 36 1/2″ H x 48″ W x 21 3/8″ D. Early 20th century. Est. $500-$600. Realized $1,702.
188_1.jpg Lot 188 – Oil on canvas by Robert Cleminson (British, active 1864-1903) depicting pair of spaniels flushing out game birds. Signed lower left, “R. Cleminson”. Cleminson was known for his sporting art paintings; dogs were a favorite subject. Original giltwood frame. Overall very good condition with latex paint spatter evident on upper sky. Sight – 27 1/2″ H x 35″ W. Framed – 34 1/2″ H x 42″ W. Late 19th century. Est. $1400-$1800. Realized $1,475.
195_1.jpg Lot 195 – Auguste Edouart (American, 1789-1861), silhouette depicting two seated women, one holding a bird the other holding refreshments in chairs with rug, wooden floor and baseboard sketched into picture. Bird’s eye maple frame. Titled on front ”Lucinda Carpenter, Tweeter and Abigail Forrester”. Signed lower left ”Aug. Edouart 1841”. Condition – Overall toning with scattered multiple foxing / brown spots. Sight – 9 7/8″ H 11 1/4″ W. Framed – 15 7/8″ H x 14 1/8″W. Est. $1000-$1400.Realized $1,362.
199_1.jpg Lot 199 – Framed oil on board pastoral scene depicting cows in meadow. Unsigned, possibly William Rickarby Miller (British/American, 1818 – 1893). Very good condition. Sight – 4 1/4″ H x 7 1/2″ W. Framed – 11 3/4″ H x 14 3/4″ W. 19th century. Est. $500-$800. Realized $908.
223_1.jpg Lot 223 – Set of twelve sterling silver service plates, Frank W. Smith Silver Co. (1886-1958). Monogrammed with embossed classical rim design. Marked “Sterling P 56-1”. Condition very good with surface scratches from normal use. Each plate measures 10 1/2″ Diameter. Total weight 138.87 ounces troy. Est. $1800=$2400. Realized $2,270.
224_1.jpg Lot 224 – Set of twelve sterling silver salad or dessert plates, Frank W. Smith Silver Co. (1886-1958). Embossed classical design at rim. Marked “Sterling/P50-2”. Monogrammed. Condition very good, light surface scratches. Each plate measures 8 1/4″ Diameter. Total weight 83.02. Est. $900-$1200. Realized $1,362.
226_1.jpg Lot 226 – Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Service for Twelve, Buttercup pattern, 138 total pieces. Monogrammed “McN”, marked “C. D. Peacock” retailer and “Patent 1900”. Includes (12) 9 1/2″ dinner knives, (12) 6″ butter knives, (12) 7″ dinner forks, (12) 5 3/4″ salad forks, (12) 5 1/2″ pickle forks, (12) 7″ table spoons, (11) 5 3/4″ teaspoons, (12) 5 1/4″ soup spoons, (12) 7 1/2″ iced tea spoons, (12) 5 3/4″ grapefruit spoons, gold washed. (12) 4″ demitasse spoons, gold washed. (6) 8 3/8″ Serving spoons, (1) 7 3/4″ pickle fork. Includes felt lined storage case, painted roses on lid. Very good Condition, 3 teaspoons with damaged bowls. Total weight 145.18 troy ounces. Early 20th century. Est. $1000-$1500. Realized $2,270.
227_1.jpg Lot 227 – International sterling silver water goblets, set of twelve. Monogrammed LMHY. Marked “International, Sterling, 52″ Very good condition with light surface scratches. Each Goblet measures 6 1/2” H. Total weight 47 ounces troy. Est. $600-$900.Realized $734.
248_1.jpg Lot 248 – A Continental silver plated figure of a stag, elk or reindeer in an unlikely palm tree setting, signed WMF (Wurttembergische Megallwarenfabrik). Overall excellent condition, with some corrosion residue noted on tree leaves and base. Measures 13 1/2″ H x approximately 8″ W at base. Continental, late 19th century. Est. $200-$400. Realized $397.
251_1.jpg Lot 251 – Set of twelve (12) two handled pierced sterling silver bouillon cup holders with eleven (11) Lenox porcelain cup inserts and twelve (12) sterling silver saucers. Holders marked “Sterling 959” and saucers marked “Sterling 563”. Condition very good, missing one porcelain Lenox cup. Surface scratches noted on plates from normal use. Plates measure 5 1/2″ diameter. Cup and holder 2 3/8″ H x 4 1/4″ Diameter. Total silver weight 50 ounces troy. Est. $400-$500. Realized $851.
258_1.jpg Lot 258 – Buncombe County, North Carolina alkaline glazed wide mouth jug with one handle and dark brown alkaline glaze. Overall very good condition. 11″ H. 19th century. Est. $300-$350. Realized $397.
260_1.jpg Lot 260 – Salt-glazed stoneware pottery ring jug, stamped “W.H. Hancock” (1845-1924, Moore Co., NC). Excellent condition. 8″ diameter including spout. Provenance – Descended through a Sullivan Co., TN family with descendants who migrated from North Carolina. Est. $1200-$1400. Realized $2,384.
261a_1.jpg Lot 261A – Virginia cobalt decorated stoneware pitcher with incised line around rim and upper midsection decorated with cobalt blue flower and lines at handle and pour spout. Attributed to Southwest Virginia area. Condition – overall very good condition with shallow chip to base. 8 1/4″ Height. Late 19th century. Est. $500-$600. Realized $624.
262_1.jpg Lot 262 – Virginia marked redware/transitional stoneware jar, marked “J.B. MAGEE” with applied cobalt floral decoration (J.B. Magee, Washington County, Virginia). Condition – chip to rim with small chips to base. 8″ H x 8″ Diameter. Late 19th century. Est. $250-$300.Realized $454.
263_1.jpg Lot 263 – Tennessee Whiskey pottery jug, manganese glaze, signed “Miller & Rains, Cumberland Gap, Tenn”. Half gallon capacity. Condition – Various firing flaws with old narrow chip to shoulder. 7 3/4″ H. Late 19th/Early 20th Century. Est. $100-$150. Realized $341.
272_1.jpg Lot 272 – Meaders face pitcher, Cleater and Billie Meaders, with ceramic teeth and eyes, olive glaze drip, marked on base “Cleater and Billie Meaders, 1990”. Excellent condition. Measures 9 7/8″ H. Provenance: From a private Georgia collection. Est. $200-$300. Realized $341.
276_1.jpg Lot 276 – Georgia Folk pottery “Hanging Hog” by C.J. Meaders. Green alkaline glaze with porcelain teeth and eyes. Signed in script on interior “The Hanging Hog” by C.J. 1994. Excellent condition. 9″ H x 8 1/4″ D x 10 1/2″ W. Note from the potter accompanying piece reads: The 1st “hanging hog” was born in August of 1994. As a result of the “hanging hog”, many folks have received financial fortunes, relief from lower back pain, reduction of hair loss and improved perspective on life. Hopefully the “hanging hog” can benefit you. Provenance: From a private Georgia collection. Est. $350-$350. Realized $426.
278_1.jpg Lot 278 – Three hand colored maps of North America by John Cary, London, 1806. 1st map – “A New Map of North America” showing continent of North America. 2nd map – “A New Map of Part of the United States containing those of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.” 3rd map: “A New Map of the United States of America” showing “The Western Territory”, Alabama and Mississippi shown as part of Georgia, Tennessee spelled “Tennessee”. All three with contemporary mats and figured wood frames. Condition: all with light overall discoloration and couple of small dark areas of minor soiling and/or creasing, overall good condition. All maps approximately 18 3/8″ x 21″ sight, 25″ x 27 1/2″ framed. Examination of one map out of the frame revealed hinge mounting with tape, map was not glued down. Est. $500-$700. Realized $851.
281_1.jpg Lot 281 – Mahogany stick barometer and thermometer, broken arch pediment with brass finial, hinged glazed door over an engraved brass dial, unsigned. Case with line inlaid edges and matched pattern veneers. Condition: thermometer replaced; 1/2″ section of inlay missing from bottom of case, otherwise good functional condition. 40″ height x 6″ width x 2″ depth. Probably English, first quarter 19th century. Est. $500-$800.Realized $1,362.

293_1.jpg Lot 293 – A pair of French enameled and gilded candlesticks and a 3-light candelabra, all in a pattern similar to the Medallion pattern by Baccarat and possibly the work of that maker. Lot consists of a three-arm candelabra, colorless glass with scalloped edges and bobeches, supported on a circular base with beaded design and embellished with hand enameled white floral and gilt decoration. Hooks support clear cut crystal spear style notched prisms. Accompanied by two single candlesticks in an identical pattern. Lot includes two additional bobeches and additional prisms. Candlesticks in excellent condition, some tiny chips to a few prisms, some prisms replaced. Candelabra, 23 1/2″ height, candlesticks 12″ height. French, circa 1900. Est. $800-$1000. Realized $1,248.
298_1.jpg Lot 298 – A pair of Victorian green and opaline or alabaster glass mantle lustres, trumpet form with applied gilt and drop prisms. Overall good condition with a couple of small indentation flaws or chips to interior funnel on one and and small chip to base on another, missing 3 prisms, some wear to applied gilt decoration. Measures 11 1/4″ H x 6 3/8″ W. Probably French, Late 19th century. Est. $200-$400. Realized $738.
299_1.jpg Lot 299 – Large sterling silver overlay crystal vase in the Art Nouveau style. Excellent condition. 15″ H. Early 20th century. Est. $150-$200.Realized $511.
301_1.jpg Lot 301 – Pair of Blue Bristol Glass mantel luster lamps painted with gilt and floral accents, hung with clear glass prisms. Scattered losses to gold paint, nicks and chips on several prisms. 12″ H x 5 3/8″ Diameter. Est. $100-$200. Realized $398.
306_1.jpg Lot 306 – Ladies two piece Coral jewelry set, beaded necklace and earrings. 1st item – One Coral necklace with 67 round, tapered, natural Coral beads. The largest bead at center measuring 10.0mm in diameter tapering to 5.5mm beads at the ends. Sterling silver clasp, leaf pattern, centered with one round, 4.0mm coral bead. Appraised value $750.00. Very good condition. Measures 19″ long. Weight 15.6 grams. 2nd item – One pair natural Coral earrings set in 18 karat yellow gold rope frame. Appraised value $1400.00. Very good condition. Each earring measures 23mm diameter. Weight 40.2 grams. Est. $300-$400. Realized $511.
316_1.jpg Lot 316 – 1st item: Royal Vienna Two-Handled Oval Urn with pierced top, the two panels depicting Middle Eastern scenes with a cobalt blue ground enhanced with gilt highlight, marked with blue beehive mark under glaze, also marked Austria. Gilt highlight shows slight wear around base. 11″ H, early-mid 20th century; 2nd item: European Porcelain Figurine of Woodsman dressed in traditional Alpine clothing, smoking a pipe, holding an ax and posed on a fallen log. Maker’s mark either German or French. Excellent condition, 8 3/4″ H. 20th century. Est. $300-$400. Realized $568.
319_1.jpg Lot 319 – Large Royal Doulton Burslem flow blue and white transfer ware turkey platter, marked Royal Doulton and 0748H in blue, impressed mark for Burslem Doulton, oval with cartouche, scroll and swag decorated border, large central image of turkey. Condition: losses to line of gilding at edge sides of platter, a few light surface scratches, overall very good condition. 21″ x 17″. English, late 19th to early 20th century. Est. $300-$400. Realized $624.
329_1.jpg Lot 329 – Charles Kermit Ewing (Tennessee, 1910-1976) oil on board seascape with rocks, signed and titled en verso, “Rough Surf, Kermit Ewing, Knoxville, TN 1971”. Signed on canvas lower left. Condition – Excellent condition. Sight – 13 1/2″ H x 17″ W. Framed – 16 1/2″ H x 18 1/2″ W. Est. $300-$350. Realized $341.
335_1.jpg Lot 335 – Framed oil on board seascape painting by Walter E. Brightwell, Jr. (American, 1919-2005), depicting rocky seashore at foreground and foamy white water from crashing waves with white clouds filling sky. Signed lower right “Brightwell”. Monogram stamped en verso, middle bottom on stretcher “Sumna, 131 Aerrepont St., Brooklyn, NY 11201”. Condition – Overall good condition with modest craquelure in sky and minor paint loss spot in upper left quadrant. Sight – 10″ H x 20″ W. Framed – 16 3/4″ H x 26 3/4″ W. Est. $250-$350. Realized $426.
337_1.jpg Lot 337 – English folk art portrait, oil on board painting of young girl seated in red chair with skipping rope. Gilded oval frame with brass plate reading, “English School, circa 1850, Little Girl with Skipping Rope”. Retailer label en verso reads ” John H. Paris, Liverpool”. Condition – overall very good condition with blacklighting showing two small spots on collarbone area of child. Sight – 11 1/2″ H x 9 3/4″ W. Framed – 19 1/2″ H x 17 1/2″ W. Est. $350-$450. Realized $511.
344_1.jpg Lot 344 – Pair English or French school three-quarter length portraits, oil on board, depicting young girl and boy dressed in 18th century attire with carved wooden frame. Condition – young boy in overall very good condition with blacklighting showing minor touch up to background near head region with no inpainting/restoration evident anywhere on the painting of the child, young girl with inpainting to nose, forehead, spot on chin, a couple areas flouresce on lower dress. Each measuring: Sight – 10″ H x 8 1/2″ W. Framed – 12 1/2″ H x 11 1/4″ W. 18th century. Est. $800-$1000. Realized $1,135.
346_1.jpg Lot 346 – Framed oil on board by James Marion Fortenbury (American, 1885-1959), depicting retrievers in foreground with hunters in background. Signed lower right “Fortenbury” and dated “1907” – date partially obscured. Overall very good condition with slight nick/dent to left hunter’s foot. Sight – 8″ h x 12″ W. Framed – 12 3/4″ H x 16 3/4″ W. Est. $250-$300. Realized $369.
354_1.jpg Lot 354 – Watercolor, wooden speed boat race, unknown monogram signature, 1936. Very good condition. Sight – 5 7/8″ H x 9″ W. Framed – 11 1/2″ H x 14 3/4″ W. Est. $100-$200. Realized $369.
357_1.jpg Lot 357 – Continental school oil on canvas painting, a three-quarter length portrait attributed to the image of a young Philip IV of Spain (1605-1665), with elaborate ruff and fanciful embroidery. Label en verso, upper center: “Plaza Art Galleries, Inc. New York City, E.P. & W.H. O’Reilly Auctioneers”. Later wood frame with black and gold finish. Condition – blacklighting shows scattered inpainting to face (approx. 30%) and almost complete inpainting on hand resting near hat. The inpainting to the head area includes a spot over the right side of the forehead, scattered inpainting under the eyes, bridge of nose, and upper right lip. Part of inpainting in both areas may possibly be overpaint to blend with inpainting. The rest of the canvas shows minimal inpainting. Removal of the frame reveals an earlier canvas laid down on a later 19th century canvas. Mid 20th century frame has minor chipping and paint loss. Sight – 50 1/2″ H x 36 1/4″ W. Framed – 57 1/4″ H x 43 1/16″ W. Original canvas 18th century or earlier with 19th century relined canvas. Est. $1500-$2500. Realized $4,313.
362_1.jpg Lot 362 – Framed oil on canvas, Still Life with Amaryllis in a Neo-Classical Urn, by Joan B.N. van Gent (Dutch 1891-1974), signed lower right, Excellent condition. 24 1/4″H x 36″ W sight, 31 1/4″ H x 43 3/8″ W framed. Est. $300-$350. Realized $568.
370_1.jpg Lot 370 – Pair of Framed Japanese Woodblock Prints both signed and titled on plate. One print depicts Japanese ladies strolling in a courtyard setting and the other depicts boats in harbor with mountains in background. Overall very good condition. Sight – 12 3/4″ H x 8 1/4″ W. Framed and matted – 20 1/2″ H x 16″ W. Early 20th century. Est. $175-$225. Realized $284.
372_1.jpg Lot 372 – Late Sheraton cherry chest attributed to Tennessee. Two drawers and larger top drawer overhanging three smaller drawers, all with round wood pulls, and brass escutcheons, flanked by columns, on double-ball turned feet. Paneled sides and double paneled back. Condition – Overall general wear and scratching to top. Older refinishing. Black stain applied to drawer interiors. 48″ H x 42 1/2″ W x 21″ D. Mid 19th century. Est. $400-$600. Realized $965.
382_1.jpg Lot 382 – Set of eight bench-made hoop back Windsor dining chairs, each with a scooped saddle seat and turned legs, mixed woods. Each marked with impressed maker’s stamp and year made. Very good condition with overall expected wear. Each measures 33″ H x 15 1/2″ W. Late 1930s and early 1940s. Est. $250-$350. Realized $425.
387_1.jpg Lot 387 – Diminutive Queen Anne drop leaf table in a black surface. Condition – wear to top and repaired breaks to two feet, paint on base has covered wear/abrasions to cabriole legs. 28″ H x 36 1/2″ W x 35 1/2″ Diameter. Late 18th/ early 19th century. Provenance: From a private Georgia collection. Est. $400-$500. Realized $568.
390_1.jpg Lot 390 – Continental oil on canvas pastoral scene depicting three cows and farmer. Carved gilt frame. Signed lower left. Condition – Canvas backed by old board. Some very minor areas of inpainting noted in sky, foreground and eye of cow. Sight – 20 1/2 H x 16 1/2″ W. Framed – 26″ H x 22″ W. 19th century. Est. $300-$350. Realized $539.
398_1.jpg Lot 398 – 53 pcs. sterling silver flatware marked “Wallace Sterling,” Stradivari pattern, no monograms. 8 dinner knives with stainless blades (9″), 7 dinner forks (7″), 8 salad/dessert forks (6 1/4″), 15 teaspoons, 1 round bowl soup spoon, 3 demitasse spoons, 6 flat handle solid butter spreaders, 1 hollow handle master butter knife, 1 sugar spoon, 1 pickle fork, 1 solid serving spoon (8 1/4″), 1 pierced serving spoon (8 1/4″). Together with four silverplated iced tea spoons and a silverplated floral pattern serving spoon. Excellent used condition. Total weighable silver: 45.565 oz troy. Mid 20th century. Est. $400-$600.Realized $681.
407_1.jpg Lot 407 – Set of twelve sterling silver frappe cups in a fluted design with flared rim and gold washed bowl. Marked “Sterling”. Condition good, with dents noted in base of one cup. Cups measure 5 3/4″ H with one slightly smaller height cup at 5 1/4″ H. Total weight 25 ounces troy. Est. $150-$250. Realized $425.
415_1.jpg Lot 415 – Two pieces Mexican silver. 1st item: a Mexican silver tray or platter, oval with scalloped edges, engraved leaf and flower design border. Marked 0.925 with crowned mark for Caral, a Mexico City retailer. Scratches and some small dents. 14″ x 12″, 22.98 oz troy. 2nd item: a cylindrical colored glass jar overlaid with a pierced floral chased silver design and having a silver lid. Base marked “Heche en Mexico 925″ with rubbed maker’s mark, possibly that of Jose Marmolejos. 4 5/8” height. Both Mexican, circa mid 20th century. Est. $200-$400. Realized $341.
416_1.jpg Lot 416 – Alvin sterling silver flatware, Southern Charm pattern including 8 knives, 8 dinner forks, 8 salad forks, 8 teaspoons and 11 iced tea spoons. 43 pieces total including wooden lined flatware case. All pieces marked “Alvin Sterling Southern Charm”. Very good condition with overall expected surface scratches and minimal tarnish residue to reverse of some handles. Nine secondary silver plate serving pieces in similar pattern included with lot. Total sterling weight 61.73 ounces troy. Est. $350-$450. Realized $681.
418_4.jpg Lot 418 – 1st item – German silver footed bowl with elaborate floral repousse border, 10 1/4″ diameter, marked .900. 2nd item – Four nut bowls (4 1/4″ diameter) having hammered surfaces and floral repousse rims, marked A.J. 800. 3rd Item – An oval dish with hammered surface and floral border (8 1/4″ x 6 1/4) and two matching small nut dishes (4 3/4″ x 3 1/2″), marked 800. 8 pieces total, all in very good condition, German, late 19th to early 20th century. Total weight: 32.16 oz troy. Est. $250-$350. Realized $397.
421_1.jpg Lot 421 – Asian decorative items, 4 pieces. 1st item – Pair of miniature Chinese export silver vases, hammered surface with undulating rim and ovoid body decorated with dragons and fiery sphere, raised circular foot. Marked on base. Condition – Some denting to bodies and bases. 3″ H. Early 20th century. 2nd item – Pair of carved stone Foo dogs, hand carved, unpolished, pair of male figural forms “traditional guardians” on bases. Numbered ” F 377 and F 378″ on bases. Overall excellent condition. Larger measures 6″ H x 5″ L, the other 6″ H x 4 1/2″ L. 20th century. 3rd item – Famille Rose compote depicting four red dragons on compote surface with decorative green and blue motifs around pedestal base. Excellent condition. Measures 3 3/8″ H x 5 1/2″ Diameter. 4th item – Famille Rose Creamer depicting green leaves with alternating colorful dragonflies, decorated inside rim. Condition – Very small chip with small firing defect to handle. Measures 4 3/4″ H x 7″ W. Est. $200-$250. Realized $482.
423_1.jpg Lot 423 – Champleve enamel ceremonial bowl with Foo dog handles, jade bowl, coral and carnelian embellishments. Marked 922 Silver. Very good condition. Measures 4 7/8″ H x 7 1/4″ W. 2nd item – Metal Classical style compote with intertwined gilt handles and figural heads decorating circumference of bowl. Good condition with mild corrosive residue on gilt bowl and base. Measures 4 3/4″ H x 7 1/2″ W. 20th century. Est. $150-$200. Realized $539.
432_1.jpg Lot 432 – 1st item – Framed Chinese silk and metallic threads embroidered panel depicting dragons and other various emblems above billowing waves. Sight – 29 1/4″ H x 41 1/4″ W. Framed – 36 3/4″ H x 48″ W. Overall very good condition with no visible tears or staining. 19th century. 2nd item – Oriental carved and gilded panel, most likely from a bed, depicting birds with various floral motifs. Condition – Overall excellent condition with later gilt paint. 23 1/4″ L x 6 1/4″ H. 20th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $851.
452_1.jpg Lot 452 – Pair of Oriental Ginger Jars and Porcelain Hotei Chinese “God of Happiness”. 1st item – Pair of Lidded Blue and White Ginger Jars with Flowering Dogwood Pattern. Includes carved stands. Good condition. Each jar and stand measures 11 1/4″ H x 8 1/4″ W. 2nd item – Porcelain Hotei Chinese “God of Happiness” with blue and white painted robe. Very good condition, hairline break to fan. Measures 18″ H x 10 1/2″ W x 9″ D. 20th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $482.
489_1.jpg Lot 489 -Lot of two trade signs. 1st item – Turtle farm trade sign comprised from turtle shell, painted, reading ” Turtles 25 cents each. Food 10 cents per bag”. Very good condition with some age cracks and wear to paint. 10″ H x 10″ W. 20th century. 2nd item – Charter fishing boat trade sign comprised of saw tooth fish mouth reading ” Charter Boats, $25.00 All Day”. 7 1/2″ H x 30 3/4″ W. Mid-20th century. Est. $100-$150. Realized $369.
492_1.jpg Lot 492 – Prisoner made folk art tramp art lamp, double frame with pull out drawer with applied matchstick decoration. 19″ H x 13 1/4″ W x 8 1/4″ D. Early 20th century. Est. $150-$200. Realized $312.
500_1.jpg Lot 500 – Framed Circus advertising poster for “John Robinson’s 10 Big Shows Combined, 3 combined menageries, Roman Hippodrome, Grand $300,000 Street Pageant and Big Real Wild West” with vignettes of John Robinson, founder, and his sons John G. Robinson and John F. Robinson. Condition – Some tears to edges with water stain to upper right corner, appears to be laid down on acid free board. Frame has drill holes for mounting. Sight – 26 3/4″ H x 39 5/8″ W. Framed – 28 3/4″ H x 41 5/8″ W. Circa 1900. Est. $150-$250. Realized $624.
504_1.jpg Lot 504 – Kazak rug, from the Southwest Caucasus region with five alternating cruciform medallions on a red ground. Condition – Overall wear with some losses, especially to corners. Overall fading to colors. 131″ Length x 62″ Width. Late 19th century. Est. $400-$450. Realized $1,078.
510_1.jpg Lot 504 – East Tennessee crazy quilt signed “Mary M. Crawford” and dated “1885”. Velvet, silk and other multicolored fabrics, many embroidered embellishments including witch, horseshoe, birds, rooster, dog. Yellow borders with applied silk rosettes. Unusual cut corner treatment. 74 1/2″ H x 79″ W (includes lace trim). Condition: minimal fraying to silk patches, minor soiling, overall very good condition. Est. $400-$600. Realized $738.
517_1.jpg Lot 517 – Three vintage teddy bears, all with jointed arms and legs, glass eyes and swivel heads. Each with scattered wear to mohair and slightly loose heads, surface grime. 14″, 13″ and 11″ lengths. Early 20th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $426.
528_1.jpg Lot 528 – Pierced sterling repousse silver vase, ornate rose pattern, with trumpet form pressed glass liner. Marked on base “Sterling 626, 16 1/2”. Condition – Overall very good condition with two areas of separation to sterling overlay in upper section. Replaced glass insert. 15 1/4″ Total H. 19th century. Est. $400-$600. Realized $795.
529_1.jpg Lot 529 – Lot of four sterling silver table picture frames, repoussé sterling with English hallmarks. Largest one has damage at top near opening. Opening sizes measure 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, 5 1/4 x 3 3/4″, 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ x 2 1/4″. Late 19th to early 20th century. Est.$100-$200. Realized $425.
531_1.jpg Lot 531 –  Set of twelve sterling silver dessert or sherbet cups, weighted, with embossed floral and urn design. Marked “Sterling, Weighted” and signed MHF. Condition very good with surface scratches from normal use, dents noted to interior bowl of one cup. Each cup measures 4 3/4″ H x 3 3/4″ Diameter. Est. $150-$250. Realized $568.
564_1.jpg Lot 564 – Early illuminated English or French Indenture document in Latin. Nicely detailed with extensive calligraphy. Overall very good condition with creasing and waviness to paper with slight toning. Sight – 17 3/4″ H x 26 1/2″ L. Framed – 19 3/4″ H x 28 3/4″ L. Probably late 17th century. Est. $100-$125. Realized $454.
568_1.jpg Lot 568 – Le Blason Des Armoiries (The Blazon of the Armorial bearings) by Hierome of Bara, Lyon, originally published in 1581. Leather cover, 260 total pages. Last page with the date of printing, 11th February, 1581. Condition – Staining to cover, title page illegible/stuck to interior of cover, wear to edges, staining and some toning. 9 1/2″ H x 6 3/4″ W. Est. $400-$500. Realized $454.
578_1.jpg Lot 578 – Hand sewn thirty-eight (38) star cotton United States American flag with thirty-seven stars arranged around one larger central white star with inclined blue star and six white and seven red stripes. Overall good condition with scattered brown spots and fading throughout, scattered very small holes in several red stripes, multiple tears noted throughout hanging border. Measures 45″ H x 82″ W. Acquired from Greeneville, Tennessee estate. Late 19th century. Est. $375-$475.Realized $1,589.
581_1.jpg Lot 581 –  Lot of two 1840 model dragoon sabers. 1st item – Model 1840 dragoon Saber with scabbard. Brass handle with original leather and brass wire wrapped handle. Older patina. 43 3/8″ L. 2nd item – Model 1840 Dragoon Saber with scabbard. Brass handle with original leather. Both scabbard and saber blade repainted with contemporary paint. Dent to scabbard. 42 3/4″ L. Est. $250-$350. Realized $624.
583_1.jpg Lot 583 – Lot of 6 Civil War and other weapon related items. 1st item – Large leather covered Civil War era powder flask with brass fittings and marked “AM Flask & Cap co.” on top. Good condition with overall wear to leather. 9″ L. 2nd item – Civil War era pewter and brass powder flask with raised dog design. Overall good condition with some dents to bottom and overall oxidation to pewter and brass. 6 7/8″ L. 3rd item – Allen and Wheelock single shot pistol with walnut grips. Marked “Allen & Wheelock” and “639” on upper barrel. Overall good condition with smooth dark patina. 8 1/4″ L. 4th item – Single cavity iron pistol bullet mold, folding scissor type. Very good condition. 5 1/2″ L. 5th item – Folding double cavity brass bullet mold. 4 1/2″ L. Very good condition with some exterior pitting. 6th item – Pair brass and black painted binoculars, probably Victorian era. Condition – Some denting to eyepiece and loss of paint. 5″ H. Est. $200-$300. Realized $369.
593_1.jpg Lot 593 – Grouping of three World War Helmets, two World War I and one World War II. 1st item – French World War I Adrian helmet, oxidized and minor dent on top right. 2nd item – German World War I M-16 “Stahlheim” steel helmet, heavily oxidized. 3rd item – Spanish World War II Z45 helmet with original insignia and liner, chipping scattered throughout. All items in as found condition with overall wear unless otherwise noted. Ranging in height from 6″ to 7 1/2″. Est. $100-$150. Realized $369.