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April 19, 2008 Auction Highlights

Highlights from our April 19th, 2008 Southern Antiques Auction in Knoxville are listed below:

(prices realized include a 10% buyer’s premium)

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Lot#2 – Carte-de-visite CDV photo album of Nashville Tennessee interest, embossed leather covers, pressed metal clasps, Contains carte-de-visites and early reproductions from negatives of Felix Grundy, Ann Phillips Rogers Grundy, Jacob McGavock, Louisa Grundy McGavock, Jacob McGavock Lindsley, Dr. John Berrien Lindsley, Sarah “Sallie” McGavock Lindsley, Mary McGavock Todd, Mary Louise McGavock, and others. Most from Nashville photograph galleries including C.C. Giers and T.M. Schlier. Also included is one of the earliest known images of the Felix Grundy home, Grundy Place. This mansion, originally located near the Tennessee state capital was purchased by Felix Grundy’s law partner, James K. Polk, who later became president. The house then became known as Polk Place. 5″ x 6″. Cover and frontspiece detached, spine loose, some images foxed but mostly in good condition. Names inscribed in pencil script. Lindsley Warden estate. Est $300-$500. Realized $1,760.


Lot#6 – “History of Tennessee Illustrated 1887. East Tennessee Edition. ” Nashville, Goodspeed Publishing, 1887. Thick volume with gilt lettering and leather spine and corners, marbled edges and ends. With fold-out map of “Aboriginal Tennessee.” Edges of spine rubbed and chipped, covers rubbed esp. at edges. Hinges reinforced. Very good condition. Circa 1887. Est $200-$250. Realized $440.
7_1.jpg Lot#7 – Unusual medical cabinet with ten drawers each side, for a total of 20, attributed to Tennessee. A note of family records indicates this was Dr. John Berrien Lindsley’s medicine cabinet. Locking mechanisms on both sides of the case with keys, dovetailed drawers. Walnut primary, poplar secondary wood. Old surface. Condition – overall very good condition except for missing side base molding. Dimensions 28 1/8″ height x 25 1/2″ width x 12 1/2″ depth. Circa 1860. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $400-$800. Realized $1,320.
12_1.jpg Lot#12 – Sullivan County, Tennessee two drawer stand in the old surface. Dovetailed drawers with cockbeading, turned Sheraton legs. Provenance – Juanita Hall estate of Washington Co., TN. Walnut primary, poplar secondary. The original house for this estate was lost when TVA flooded the area in the early 20th century. Condition – Very good condition, no pulls, old minor loss of some cockbeading. 18″ width x 17 1/2 depth x 29″ height. Circa 1830. Est. $450-$550. Realized $935.
13_1.jpg Lot#13 – Rare Tennessee work or tavern table from Washington County, TN. Consisting of a top with large overhang top, square base with turned Sheraton legs. The top chamfered underneath at the edges. Primary wood appears to be cherry. Note – the double ring turned leg on this table is similar to other one and two drawer tables from Sullivan County (refer to tables sold in May 2006 auction). However the larger tavern table form appears unique. Appears to retain original surface. Provenance – Juanita Hall estate of Washington Co., TN. Condition – top screwed down due to warpage. Dimensions 34″ width x 26″ depth x 29″ height. Circa 1830. Est. $500-$700. Realized $1,045.
16_1.jpg Lot#16 – Early Sevier County, Tennessee rocking chair. Exceptional turned finials, carved arm supports, arched slats, turned stiles, original split oak seat. Original surface. Excellent condition for age. 40 5/8″ height x 23″ width x 31 1/2″ depth (rockers). Circa 1840. Est. $400-$500. Realized $1,045.
19_1.jpg Lot#19 – Williamson County, Tennessee side chair, branding mark on lowest slat, “L P”, attributed to the Poynor school of chair makers. Consisting of arched slats, ring turned stiles, and bulbous turning at the terminus of the front feet. Refer to Rick Warrick’s Williamson Co. TN book for similar examples. Very good condition, some minor breaks to rush seat. 36 1/4″ height x 15″ depth x 17 1/2″ width. Late 19th century. Est. $125-$175. Realized $550.
24_1.jpg Lot#24 – Exceptional East Tennessee one drawer table. Diminutive proportioned cherry table with exceptional turned legs, dovetailed drawers, original pulls. Provenance – Wooten family of Elizabethton, TN. Condition – overall excellent condition, older surface, cleaned at one point. 21 1/2″ width x 19″ depth x 27 1/4″ height. Circa 1825-35. Hearn estate. $450-$550. Realized $770.
25_1.jpg Lot#25 – Unusual and diminutive Hepplewhite style inlaid three drawer chest. Consisting of string inlay dovetailed drawers and skirt, string inlaid around top, shaped skirt and splayed feet. Mahogany veneer drawer fronts with dovetailed drawers, poplar and pine secondary. Very good condition. 28 3/4″ width x 36 1/4″ height x 19 3/8″ depth. Late 19th century. Est. $1600-$2200. Realized $2,750.


Lot#26 – Middle Tennessee two drawer stand, Wilson Co., TN. Dovetailed drawers, curved corners to front top, paneled sides with molding, mortise and peg construction, resting on tapered legs. Older surface with cherry and walnut primary woods. Very good condition. 30″ height x 17 1/2″ width x 17 1/2″ depth. Circa 1850-60. Est. $450-$550. Realized $660.
33_1.jpg Lot#33 – Rare and exceptional Wythe County, Virginia side table with an elaborate carved skirt, dovetailed hidden drawer, hand planed bottom of drawer, on turned Sheraton feet. Original surface. Walnut primary wood, poplar secondary. This table relates to a group of similar tables from Wythe Co. and appears to be from the earliest period. Overall excellent condition. 28″ width x 19 1/2″ depth x 28 5/8″ height. Circa 1830-1840. Hearn estate. Est. $1600-$1800. Realized $7,040.
50_1.jpg Lot#50 – Tennessee folk art banjo with octagonal resonator. End with heart shaped tuner, inlay band, and leather. Found in Grainger County, TN. Condition – couple of tuning keys missing, one slat of resonator bottom missing, overall roughness. 35 1/4″ length. 19th century. Est. $125-150. Realized $467.
54_1.jpg Lot#54 -Two Virginia folk art carvings. 1st item – Virginia folk art butter mold, found in Wythe County, Virginia. Circular mold with hearts, stars, leaf floral designs, central sunburst design to mold, saw tooth border. Tapering cone mold form with carved wooden handle, all one piece of wood. Possibly poplar. Condition – Overall good condition with expected wear for age, old age cracks to handle area. 4 3/4″ x 4 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ depth. Circa 1840-60. 2nd item – Wythe County, Virginia folk art heart carving, possibly used for a mold. Walnut carved heart with relief carving on both sides. One side with carved heart with graduated borders, leaf/vine type relief designs in borders. Other side with boot relief carving with circles and vine type designs surrounding boot. Very good condition for age. 3 7/8″ length. 19th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $605.


Lot#55 – Exceptional and rare Southern folk art carved mold, found in Wythe County, Virginia, dated 1831. Exceptional textured gouge carving, creating a level of detail and perception of depth indicative of a master carver. Circular mold consisting of hexagonal star with flower designs between points, outer circular border consisting of gouged carved date of “1831” and the initials, “C S” with a cross between the initials, carved hearts between flower with vine and leaves. Condition – Very good condition with minor chips to outer border, old age crack in area near “1” of 1831 date, back of mold original fitted for a handle now lost. 4 3/16″ x 4 1/16″ x 1 3/8″ depth. Circa 1831. Est. $1200-$1400. Realized $3,290.


Lot#60 – Two (2) carvings by Clarence Stringfield (Tennessee, 1903 – 1976). 1st item – Dove on branch carving by C. Stringfield. Depicting a dove resting on a stump or cut branch, signed on the bottom in blue pen, “C. Stringfield”. In orange script on the bottom, “16–“. Overall excellent condition. 14” height. 2nd item – carved owl by C. Stringfield, signed on the bottom in pen, “C. Stringfield” Overall very good condition with abrasions to left ear. 11″ height. Est. $400-$600. Realized $990.
65_1.jpg Lot#65 – Extremely rare glazed earthenware bottle, attributed to the Cain pottery of Sullivan County, TN. Lead glaze with a manganese overglaze to the bottle neck, resulting in a pleasing alternate glaze color design. Incised sine wave design around the circumference of the bottle shoulder, surrounded by incised line borders on each side, footed base, partial glaze to the unglazed bottom, a couple of manganese drips to the lower body. The sine wave incising pattern, double rim, footed base, use of manganese as a second color, and crevice/roughness to the lead glaze base are all attributes of redware from the Cain pottery. The successful glazing of manganese to the neck to create the alternate color effect and bottle form are unique. Condition – minor, shallow chips to rim, clean break to base of the neck, reglued with minimal loss. 8″ height. Circa 1850. Est. $2500-$3500. Realized $3,740.
69_1.jpg Lot#69 – Large East Tennessee redware jar with pulled handles and sine wave incising around the upper shoulder, attributed to the Cain pottery of Sullivan County, TN. Speckled glaze. Found in the Blountville, TN area with two similar glazed pieces. Descended through the Black family of Blountville. Condition – stabilized cracks to the base of the jar. 13 5/8″ height. Circa 1860. Est. $2500-$3500. Realized $4,180.
73_1.jpg Lot#73 – Tennessee stoneware jar by William Grindstaff, stamped “W. Grinstaff” with another stamp of circular shape. Lug handles with rolled rim, incised line around shoulder. Condition – restoration to rim area, spider hairlines to base, extending in three directions. 12″ height. Late 19th century. Est. $300-$400. Realized $1,045.


Lot#76 – Rare and large Middle Tennessee stoneware jar, quadruple handles, two on each side, the upper handle terminus joining the lower strapped handle. The lower handle with a triangular shaped terminus. This unique handle design is similar to a group of signed George Washington Dunn pieces. Condition – excellent, some roughness to inside of rim, possible firing flaw. No chips or cracks. 23″ height. Found in a Bristol, TN church. Early 20th century. Est. $800-$900. Realized $1,980.


Lot#113 – Exceptional Georgia alkaline glazed churn with lug and strap handle, the underside of the handle incised “4”, denoting gallon capacity. Rich green alkaline drips on inside and outside of jar. Condition – old minor flake chip to handle, otherwise excellent. 16 7/8″ height. Late 19th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $880.


Lot#128 – Early Tennessee willow basket by Linda Whaley (1840-1926), Sevier County, Tennessee. Lydia Whaley or “Aunt Liddy” (named by the people of Gatlinburg) was Pi Beta Phi Arrowcraft’s first basket instructor. She was known for her baskets made from willow bark using a design her father, Joel Kear, brought from Scotland (Reference: Southern Arts and Crafts 1890-1940, Mint Museum). Liddy’s husband was killed during the Civil War at Harry’s Ford in the Smokies (Reference: Mountain Ways by Aiken, p. 29, 293). Liddy’s work was also cited by Allen Eaton in his book, Handicrafts of the Southern Highlands. Original brown paint with painted willow handle. Excellent condition. 7″ width x 6 3/4″ height. Late 19th/Early 20th century. Est. $175-$225. Realized $880.
138_1.jpg Lot#138 – North Carolina painted buttocks basket, found in Mt. Airy, North Carolina area. Old red paint. Excellent condition with one weaver at rim broken. 10 1/4″ height x 11 1/2″ width. Late 19th or Early 20th century. Est. $225-$300. Realized $522.
141_1.jpg Lot#141 – Early Southern sampler, probably Virginia. Consisting of alphabet in green and brown lettering with letters. Includes “Sarah – Ott – August 27” twice, and the bottom reads, “In the Year of Our Lord 1807”. Old Richmond, Virginia art shop label on back. Condition – fading, stitching in very good condition (not examined out of frame). 13″ x 19 1/4″ frame. Circa 1807. Hearn estate. Est. $400-$500. Realized $1,430.
145_1.jpg Lot #145 – Rare Watauga County, North Carolina quilt. Made by Nancy Lucinda Horton, b.1824 Watauga Co., NC. The Great Divide/Rocky Mountain pattern with appliqué and reverse appliqué with long seams hand sewn with chrome yellow, indigo with lighter blue print, double pink, printed turkey red, indigo with chrome orange print. The quilting pattern consists of feathered cross in center of blocks, corner sunbursts. border has feathered vine with half inch diagonal lines in background. Overall very good condition with back having light browning, some brown spots on front, repair to small section of fringe border. Dimensions – 94 1/2″ x 73 1/2″. Circa 1850. Est. $1000-$1400. Realized $2,310.
147_1.jpg Lot#147 – Large abstract watercolor/gouache by Tennessee artist Carl Sublett (Tennessee 1919-2008). Abstract of a face profile blowing a trumpet, with red, pink, orange, and blue background colors. Signed lower left corner, “Sublett ’58” Very good condition. 17″ x 19 1/4″ painting, 24 1/4″ x 27″ frame. Circa 1958. Est. $350-$450. Realized $522.


Lot#150 – Tennessee Impressionist mountain landscape by L.E. Jones (Louis Edward Jones, Tennessee, 1878-1958). Oil on board, signed and dated lower left corner, “L. E. Jones 1946”. Depicting a road or trail in the foreground with mountains in the background (probably Smokey Mountain National Park). Jones was an Impressionist painter from Woodstock, New York and established the Cliff Dwellers studio in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Inscription on back includes writing “Gift to Robert Mildrix…” Very good condition. 16″ x 20″ painting, 18″ x 22″ frame. Circa 1946. Est. $1000-$1400. Realized $2,750.
151_1.jpg Lot#151 – Tennessee Impressionist mountain landscape by L.E. Jones (Louis Edward Jones, Tennessee, 1878-1958). Oil on board, signed and dated lower right corner, “L. E. Jones 1943”. Title of painting on verso, “A Winter Day in the Sugarlands – Louis E. Jones.1943”. Appears to be in the original frame. Jones was an Impressionist painter from Woodstock, New York and established the Cliff Dwellers studio in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Very good condition, couple of inconspicuous tiny flecks of paint. 11 3/8″ x 13 1/4″ painting, 15 3/8″ x 17 1/4″ frame. Circa 1943. Est. $600-$800. Realized $2,530.
153_1.jpg Lot#153 – Tennessee mountain landscape by Thomas Campbell (Tennessee 1834-1914), signed lower right, “Thomas Campbell”. East Tennessee mountain scene possibly Chimneys in the Smokey Mountain National Park. Excellent condition. 6 1/2″ width x 9 5/8″ height, frame 9 3/8″ x 12 5/8. Early 20th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $770.


Lot#156 – Tennessee oil on canvas by Knoxville artist, Walter Hollis Stevens (1927 – 1980). Titled on back, “Church in the Trees, Knoxville Oct ’57” and signed on the canvas, upper right corner, “Stevens 57”. Excellent condition. 24″ x 30″ canvas, 31 3/4″ x 37 3/4″ frame. Circa 1957. Accompanying this lot is an exhibit catalog, “Walter Hollis Stevens, An exhibition of paintings 1956-1980” by Frederick Moffat, University of Tennessee, Dulin Gallery of Art (now Knoxville Museum of Art), Knoxville, TN. Est. $350-$450. Realized $1,870.
158_1.jpg Lot#158 – Early Tennessee oil on canvas child portrait of Hugh Albert McGavock (1842-1854). The youngest son of Jacob and Louisa McGavock, Hugh died at 13 years old after a protracted illness on July 30th, 1854. Retains the original gilt frame. Attributed to Tennessee artist George Dury (family historical records). Overall very good condition for age. Accompanying this lot is the 1854 obituary for Hugh McGavock and an invitation to his July 30th funeral. Dimensions 9 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ sight, 10 1/4″ x 12 3/8″ stretcher, 15 3/8″ x 17 5/8″ frame . Circa 1852. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $3500-$4500. Realized $6,710.
159_11.jpg Lot#159 – Monumental gilt plaster casting from one of the horses of Helios, the rising sun. Wesley Paine, Director of the The Parthenon, Nashville, indicates this is probably an interim cast made by Belle Kinney & Leopold Scholz as they were working on the Nashville Parthenon pediment figures, showing the process of their work. In the original Parthenon marble and the Nashville Parthenon cast, the lower jaw of the horse is missing; the sculptors have replaced it in this cast. The importance of this cast exists in the fact there is very little of the Kinney/Scholz oeuvre known, especially their plasters, and this cast illustrates the process of the sculptors working out the Nashville Parthenon sculptures. In the early 20th century, the Nashville Parthenon purchased several casts of marbles from the original Parthenon from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. These casts were used as study pieces for Belle Kinney and Leopold Scholz in the reconstruction of the pediment sculptures of the Nashville Parthenon at Centennial Park. This important sculpture was presented as a gift to Miss Margaret Lindsley Warden. Dimensions 36″ length, 31″ height, 10 1/2″ height. Note – Belle Marshall Kinney (1890-1959) was born in Nashville, Tennessee. She attended the Art Institute of Chicago and later served as an instructor of sculpture there. Kinney married the Austrian sculptor, Leopold F. Scholz in 1921 and they collaborated on several works including the Victory sculpture at the Legislative Plaza in Nashville and the Nashville Parthenon reconstruction. Kinney also received commissions for sculptures of several famous Tennesseans including Andrew Jackson at the U.S. Capitol, Admiral Albert Gleaves at Annapolis, Maryland, and Andrew Jackson, John Sevier, and James K. Polk at the Tennessee State Capitol. Additional works include the Monument to the Women of the Confederacy, War Memorial Building, Nashville, Monument to the Women of the Confederacy, Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, Col. Richard Owen, Indiana State Capitol, Indianapolis, IN, and the Bronx Victory Memorial – Pelham Bay Park, New York City (the Tennessee Encyclopedia for History & Culture, Tennessee Historical Society, referenced). Est. $4500-$6500. Realized $10,120.
160_1.jpg Lot# 160 – Important portrait of William Walker, “The Grey Eyed Man of Destiny”, by Nashville artist, George Dury (1817-1894). The painting is signed on the back, “Dury 1858”. Oil/gouache on paper. This painting had previously been attributed to artist Washington Cooper in John Edwin Woodrow’s book, “John Berrien Lindsley” (illustrated on page 85). William Walker was a physician, lawyer, and journalist. A Nashvillian, Walker was the only Tennessee born president of another country, the Republic of Nicaragua. At age 14, Walker graduated from the University of Nashville. He was then awarded a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania at age 19. He invaded Mexico in 1853 and proclaimed himself President of Lower California. He was elected President of Nicaragua in 1856. Walker later made an attempt to wage war with Honduras, was captured and executed in 1860. Walker was a close friend of Dr. John Berrien Lindsley, and this is the only portrait known painted from life of him. Original frame. Condition – very good condition for age, small tear to upper margin. Dimensions sight 7 1/2″ x 9 1/2″, frame 13 1/4″ x 16 1/4″. Circa 1858. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $8000-$10000. Realized $13,750.


Lot#161 – Large oil on canvas of Steeplechase course, Nashville, TN. Gift of the artist Preston Frazer, son of Sadie Warner (Mrs. George) Frazer to Miss Margaret Warden. Scene showing horse track with riders warming up their horses. Condition – some flaking of paint in the upper sky area. 36 1/4″ x 27 3/4″, 41 1/2″ x 32 5/8″. Early 20th century. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $300-$400. Realized $880.
162_1.jpg Lot#162 – Framed print or drawing of horse, Morgan Chief. Titled, “Morgan Chief, Property of D. H. McGavock, Nashville, TN”. Signed lower left corner, “A.C. Webb, Del.” Retains the original frame. Condition – foxing and water stains. Print appears to be laid down on canvas. David H. McGavock built Two Rivers Mansion in Davidson Co., TN. Print sight 19 1/2″ x 23 1/2″, frame 26″ x 30″. 19th century. Warden estate. Est. $400-$500. Realized $2,200.
163_1.jpg Lot#163 – An important panoramic East Tennessee landscape oil on canvas by Thomas Campbell (1834-1914, born in England, active Tennessee). Titled on back “Tenn Mill and Mine”, showing a mill in the foreground and a large factory complex in the background right. Provenance – Calderwood Lodge of Calderwood Dam, Tennessee. Condition – overall very good condition, layer of grime, a few scattered pin holes, minor flaking of paint in a couple of areas. Dimensions 39 1/4″ length x 21 1/4″ canvas, 29″ x 47″ carved gilt frame. Late 19th/Early 20th century. Est. $5000-$8000. Realized $37,400, a record price for this Tennessee artist.
164_1.jpg Lot#164 – East Tennessee watercolor of early industrial view of Knoxville, TN. Signed and dated lower left corner and inscription in lower right corner, “Knoxville, Tennessee”. The scene depicted appears to be a view from the South of the Tennessee river looking North into downtown Knoxville. 9 3/8″ x 13 1/2″ sight, 16 3/4″ x 20 1/4″. Early 20th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $770.


Lot#169 – Rare Nashville, Tennessee coin silver table spoon, marked “E. Raworth” (Edward Raworth, Nashville, Tennessee, working 1808-1820). Caldwell states Edward Raworth was one of Davidson County’s earliest silversmiths. His mark is illustrated in Caldwell’s Tennessee Silversmiths, p.141, figure 107 and 107b. Spoon is monogrammed “HALL “. Very good condition. 9 1/8” length. Weight – 2.34 oz troy. Early 19th century. Est. $175-$225. Realized $385.
170_1.jpg Lot#170 – Rare large Nashville, Tennessee coin silver ladle, marked “W.H. Calhoun. Nashville.T.” (William H. Calhoun, Nashville, Tennessee, working 1839-1865). This mark appears to be from Calhoun’s earliest period (1845-1850) and Caldwell illustrates this mark in Tennessee Silversmiths, p.50, figure 47b. Ladle is monogrammed. Very good condition, slight crease to bowl (very inconspicuous). Length 12 1/2″. Weight – 6.38 oz troy. Circa 1845-1850. Est. $800-$1000. Realized $3,080.
180_1.jpg Lot#180 – Set of 12 Coin Silver Teaspoons, marked “Coin,” “Patent 1861.” Wm. Kendrick (working Louisville, KY, 1810-1880). Anthemion Design handle. Monogrammed M. Mc. on back of handles. Very good condition. 5 7/8″ length. Total wt. 10 oz troy. Circa 1861. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $300-$500. Realized $990.


Lot#182 – Sterling Presentation Pitcher, elaborate repoussé cottage and bridge pattern with rococo style decoration, central cartouche inscribed “To Sallie M. Lindsley from her mother,” flared rim with acanthus handle. Sarah “Sallie” McGavock Lindsley was the wife of Dr. John Berrien Lindsley. Her mother was Louisa Grundy McGavock, daughter of the Hon. Felix Grundy. Marks for Bailey & Co., 136 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, with pseudohallmarks denoting sterling standard.. Minor small dents, overall excellent condition. 11″ height. 37.72 oz troy. Circa 1850. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $3500-$4000. Realized $14,300.


Lot#183 – Pair of Coin Silver Era sterling goblets with Tennessee interest. Elaborate Rococo style floral/swag repoussé pattern. Marked Bailey & Co., with pseudohallmarks denoting sterling standard. Inscribed “To Sallie M. Lindsley from her Mother.” Sarah “Sallie” McGavock Lindsley’s mother was Louisa Grundy McGavock, daughter of the Honorable Felix Grundy. One goblet has a dent and does not stand straight; other goblet in very good condition. 6 1/2″ height. 11.83 oz troy total wt. Circa 1857. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $1000-$1200. Realized $1,760.


Lot#184 – Silver goblet with circular and chevron type chasing design, inscription “John J. McGavock to Louise Lindsley”. No hallmarks. Louise Lindsley was born in 1858, the first child of Sallie McGavock Lindsley and John Berrien Lindsley. Louise Lindsley never married, and Margaret Lindsley Warden and her mother lived with Louise Lindsley for many years. Condition – crease dent in lower bowl, minor dents. 4 7/8″ height. 3.35 oz troy. Circa 1865. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $300-$350. Realized $990.
188_11.jpg Lot#188 – Large 18th century coin silver English salver with engraved coat of arms, beaded border, and quad feet. English hallmarks on the underside and engraved script, “43 = 8 04 depth”. Overall excellent condition for age, tray slightly warped. 14 1/8″ diameter. Weight – 42.47 oz troy. Late 18th century. Est. $700-$1000. Realized $1,980.
191_1.jpg Lot#191 – Sterling silver calling card case with cards of Nashville interest. Envelope style case with chased scroll design. Cards include Randal W. McGavock, Jn McGavock, Miss Margaret Lindsley Warden. Hallmarks for Birmingham, England, 1904-05. Excellent condition. 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″. 1.9 oz troy. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $200-$250. Realized $495.
195_1.jpg Lot#195 – Tiffany & Co. ladies flask, marked “Tiffany & Co. 7858 M 9096 Sterling” near base. Floral repousse pattern. Excellent condition. Length 7″. Weight – 4.29 oz troy. Late 19th century/Early 20th century. Est. $250-$300. Realized $1,760.
198_1.jpg Lot#198 – Gorham Sterling oval silver tray, Rococo style floral and cartouche design. Marked on underside with Gorham hallmarks and “Sterling A6409 14in”. Gorham date mark for 1911. Good condition with surface scratches. No monograms. 14 1/2″ by 10″, 23.21 oz troy. Circa 1911. Est. $300-$400. Realized $605.
210_1.jpg lot#210 – Monumental Gorham 7 piece Sterling silver tea set: coffee pot, tea pot, warming pot with stand, waste bowl, covered sugar, and creamer. Rococo style design with flowers, scrolls and cartouches, and blackberry form finials. Marked on underside with Gorham hallmarks and A and number series A2721-A2727. Monogrammed. Excellent condition. Height of warming pot with stand 15 1/2 in. Weight of warming pot with stand 86.3 oz troy, waste bowl 19.66 oz troy, coffee pot 45.93 oz troy, sugar 27.81 oz troy, creamer 18.16 oz troy, tea pot 39.2 oz troy. Total weight of six pieces – 237.06 oz troy. Early 20th century. Massive Gorham sterling silver tray in a Rococo style design with flowers, scrolls and cartouches, classical scrolled feet. Monogrammed. Marked “Sterling A691 24In” and Gorham hallmarks. Overall very good condition with scratches and a couple of slight dents. 31″ length x 21 1/2″ width. 175 oz troy. Early 20th century. Total weight of all items 412.06 oz troy. Est. $9000-$12000. Realized $13,750.
214_2.jpg Lot#214 – Set of 12 Gorham sterling silver goblets, grape & cable repousse pattern, gilt wash interiors. Marked on underside with Gorham hallmarks and Sterling 336A, with Gorham date mark for 1917. Excellent condition. Monogrammed. Total of 12 goblets. Overall excellent condition with two goblets having one minor dimple each. 6 5/8″ height, total weight 87.34 oz troy. Circa 1917. Est. $2500-$3500. Realized $6,160.
222_1.jpg Lot#222 – Monumental Gorham sterling silver centerpiece basket. Pierced floral and cartouche design with swing handle and tin liner. Monogrammed on side and engraved with the date “1905” on the other side. Marked “Sterling D Y R” and Gorham hallmarks. Excellent condition. 15″ width x 17 1/2″ height, 59.1 oz troy. Circa 1905. Est. $1000-$1500. Realized $3,740.
224_1.jpg Lot#224 – Set of 12 Gorham sterling silver dinner or service plates, Rococo style floral and cartouche design. Marked on underside with Gorham hallmarks and “Sterling A6620”. Gorham date mark for 1919. Some surface scratches to centers, otherwise excellent condition. Monogrammed on border. 10 3/4″ diameter, 205.87 oz troy total weight. Circa 1919. Est. $4000-$6000. Realized $7,700.
233_1.jpg Lot#233 – Important cameo brooch portrait of Confederate Colonel Randal McGavock, former mayor of Nashville, killed in the Civil War at the Battle of Raymond, Mississippi in 1863. Randal McGavock references in his journals having this cameo made in Rome (“Pen and Sword, the Life and Journals of Randal McGavock” by Herschel Gower). Randal quotes in his journal, “My cameo came in today and I think the artist has succeeded admirably in getting a good likeness.” The cameo is signed in the lower right corner “Saulini F. Roma 1851.” Gold setting tested as 18K. Total weight 23.1 grams. Attributed to the Saulini workshop in Rome. Tommaso Saulini (Italian, 1793-1864) and Luigi Saulini (1819-1883) were master cameo carvers from this workshop established in 1836. Tommaso was a renowned specialist in portraiture, both in hardstone and shell who produced sculptural engravings from his workshop in Via del Babuino in Rome. Luigi (1819-1883) engraved the portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and won a medal at the 1862 International Exhibition in London.Excellent condition with slight discoloration to area near ear. 2 3/8″ x 2″. Circa 1851. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $3500-$4500. Realized $8,140.
233a_1.jpg Lot#233A – Pair of cameo earrings and cameo brooch, each bordered with pearls (total 3 items), owned by Sarah (Sallie) McGavock. 1st item – Ladies black onyx cameo brooch. Setting tested as 18K gold. White cameo on black, surrounded by approximately 40 round pearls. Cursive inscription on back, “Sallie McGavock 1857″. This is the year Sallie married John Berrien Lindsley. Condition – two pearls missing around border edge. 1 1/4″ x 1 5/8”. Total weight 23.1 grams. Circa 1857. 2nd item – Pair of ladies cameo and pearl pierced earrings . Each earring is set with an oval shaped black on white onyx stone came. The cameo is surrounded by a pear shaped gold setting with round pearls. Each earring is marked with a cursive inscription on back, “Sallie McGavock”. Overall excellent condition. 9/16″ x 7/8″ cameo setting tested 14-18K gold. Total weight of both earrings 7.3 grams. Circa 1855. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $700-$1000. Realized $1,760.
235_1.jpg Lot#235 – Coastal Impressionist seascape on board, probably California school. Unsigned, in the original gilt frame. Condition – very good condition, painting with a thin layer of grime from age, upper left corner with gold overpaint from gilt frame.18 1/2″ x 23 5/8″ painting, 23 1/2″ x 28 1/2″ frame. Early 20th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $715.
237_1.jpg Lot#237 – Oil on canvas after Richard Ansdell by H.J. Murcott, depicting a border collie guarding an injured ram from a flock of seagulls. Inner frame with writing, “Painted by H.J. Murcott, 1872 from the original picture by Richard Ansdell, R.A.” There is a H.J. Murcott listed in the London directory of the 19th century as an Art Dealer. Condition – overall very good condition with old paint loss to ram jaw area, pin holes around seagulls in sky. 14 1/4″ x 24 1/4″ sight, 23 1/2″ x 33 1/2″ frame. Late 19th century. Est. $400-$500. Realized $935.
237a_1.jpg Lot#237A – Robert Hopkin watercolor of ship on high seas (Scottish/American, 1832-1909). Signed lower right corner “R. Hopkin”. Excellent condition. Retains the original frame with rope border and rope knot over top of painting. 8 3/4″ x 6 1/2″ sight, 15″ x 12 1/2″ frame. Later 19th century. Est. $350-$450. Realized $550.
240_1.jpg Lot#240 – Portrait of a Tyrolean woman with a mountain landscape in the background. . 8 3/8″ x 7 1/8″ portrait sight, 15 3/4″ x 14 1/4″ carved gilt frame. An inventory for the Lindsley Warden estate states this painting was brought home by Confederate Colonel Randal McGavock during his European tour of the 1850s. Condition – overall excellent condition, frame has old losses to two corners. Circa 1850. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $1000-$1500. Realized $3,190.
241_1.jpg Lot#241 – French bronze of nude by Joseph Michel Ange Pollet (French 1815-1870) marked ” Pollet ” in the base with foundry mark E. de Labroue. This bronze is pictured in the book “Nashville Interiors” by Amelia Edwards, p. 63, referring to the McGavock/Lindsley residence – “The small bronze statue is called Hesperus, Goddess of the Dawn by Pollet. It is now in the home of Margaret L. Warden.” Condition – very good condition with old patina and some wear to patina at raised surface. 13 1/8″ height. 19th century. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $1800-$2200. Realized $3,960.
244_1.jpg Lot#244 – Numbered colored lithograph by Marc Chagall, Woman with a Fan. Signed in the plate “Chagall” and numbered in pencil lower left margin “20/100”. Very good condition, framed and matted, appearing to have full margins. Browning to the back of the lithograph. 18 1/8″ x 22 1/8″ full margins, 22 1/2″ x 26 1/2″ frame. Mallonee estate. Dimensions. Circa 1925. Est. $500-$800. Realized $825.
245_1.jpg Lot#245 – Signed Lithograph titled Cat and Canary by Will Barnet (American, b. 1911). Signed, titled in pencil lower right hand margin, numbered ed 133/225 in pencil, middle lower margin, and signed in pencil lower right margin. Published by Associated American Artists, New York. Overall very good condition. Framed and matted under glass. 15 1/2″ x 18″ lithograph sight, 25 1/4″ x 30 1/4″ frame. Mallonee estate. Est. $400-$500. Realized $935.
247_5.jpg Lot#247 – Rockwell Kent signed wood engraving, The Bather. Signed in pencil lower right margin, “Rockwell Kent”. Certificate of Authenticity from the Associated American Artists attached stating, “Edition 50. Pencil signed by the artist.” Also contains the original invoice for the engraving ($110). Sight dimensions 5 1/4″x 7 3/4″, 15 1/4″ x 19 1/4″ frame. Mallonee estate. Est. $1000-$2000. Realized $1,870.
248_5.jpg Lot#248 – Rockwell Kent signed wood engraving, Fair Wind. Signed in pencil lower right margin, “Rockwell Kent”. Certificate of Authenticity from the Associated American Artists attached stating, “Edition limited to 150. Pencil signed by the artist.” Sight dimensions 6 1/4″ x 7 1/2″ (Image size 5 3/8 x 6 7/8 inches; sheet size 8 3/4 x 9 7/8 inches). 15″ x 18 3/4″ frame. Mallonee estate. Est. $1000-$2000. Realized $1,980.
250_1.jpg Lot#250 – Fernand Leger (French, 1881-1955) pencil signed lithograph titled ” Deux figure ” Colour-lithograph on paper. Marked in the plate lower left corner F. LEGER 29. Also signed in pencil ” F. Leger ” in lower right corner and numbered in pencil lower left corner ” 51/100″. Pencil inscriptions for title on verso. Very good condition. Matted and framed under glass. 10 3/4″ x 13 3/4″ sight, 18 1/8″ x 21 5/8″ frame. Mallonee estate. Est. $300-$400. Realized $2,310.
253_1.jpg Lot#253 – Color lithograph of ” Cakewalk ” by Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003) from the Rhythm portfolio. Signed in pencil by Hirschfeld in lower right corner and numbered 12/120 lower left corner. Very good condition with expected aging. 20″ x 26″ sight, 21 3/4″ x 27 3/4″ frame. Note – “Rhythm: Ten Original Lithographs” with illustrations by Hirschfeld and text by Brooks Atkinson was published in 1970 in an edition of 120. Mallonee estate. Est. $600-$800. Realized $2,090.
259_1.jpg Lot#259 – Johnny Friedlaender (German, 1912-1992) composition color etching edition 7/95, signed “Friedlaender” in pencil lower corner and the edition “7/95″ in the lower left corner. Etching and aquatint in colors. Art gallery label on back titles the work, ” Vers Le Nord Et Vers Le Sud “. Note Johnny Friedlaender (December 26, 1912—June 18, 1992) was a leading twentieth century artist, whose works have been exhibited in Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Japan and the United States. His preferred medium of aquatint etching is a technically difficult artistic process, of which Friedlaender has been a pioneer. Excellent condition. Framed and matted under glass. 22 1/4″ x 29 3/4″ etching, 28 3/4″ x 37 1/2” frame. Mallonee estate. Est. $250-$350. Realized $412.
274_1.jpg Lot#274 – Important Meissen female nude porcelain by Walter Schott, marked on the base with blue cross swords and incised in the base a cursive “F 68”. Additional number marking with only a “2” legible. This Meissen work, titled ” Nude Flora ” was modeled in 1897 and is pictured in Laurence Mitchell’s Meissen Collector’s Catalogue, p. 219, plate 79. The Nude Flora model Consists of a female nude surrounded by a rocky outcrop of floral roses. Meissen bought this model and another titled “The Bowling Lady” near the turn of the 20th century. The Nude Flora model is considerably more rare than the more common Bowling Lady model. Condition – overall excellent, one flake to base rim, a couple of glaze imperfections to florals on reverse. 15 5/8″ height. Circa 1902-05. Germany. Est. $3000-$4000. Realized $6,820.
270_1.jpg Lot#270 – Cold painted Austrian bronze bust of a Roman Centurion. Gilt painted helmet and uniform, ebony face, resting on an alabaster base. Early wooden core to bust. Condition – overall excellent, light and expected wear to gilt painting of helmet and uniform. 11 5/8″ height. 19th century. Mallonee estate. Est. $300-$400. Realized $4,400.
288_1.jpg Lot#288 – Important pair of English decorated urns with separate griffin bases, each urn marked on the underside with the gold Chelsea mark. Urns consist of a cover with gilt floral finial and gilt border decoration, brass type metal rim, handles with gilt decoration terminating in a head design, large panel of urn with crane or pheasant species surrounded by a floral landscape on both sides, elaborate gilt decoration surrounding large panels, painted birds panels at base of urn, resting on a square base with gilt tracery. Separate porcelain base consisting of four griffin figures at each corner with gilt rope draped between each griffin. gilt decoration on griffin base, bottom unmarked. Condition – excellent condition for age. Blacklighting did not detect any restoration. Some wear to gilt decoration on handle. Griffin bases have minor chips to top edge. 14 5/8″ height of urns with cover, height of griffin base 3 1/2″ height, total height with bases 18 1/8″ height. Late 18th century. England. Mallonee estate. Est. $2000-$2800. Realized $2,970.
293_1.jpg Lot#293 – Important pair of porcelain cups and saucers with painted scenes, attributed to the Imperial St. Petersburg porcelain factory of Russia. One cup with mark on underside in French script, one saucer with a cursive “r” impressed in script. One cup depicts two soldiers with rifles walking, the second cup shows a young couple observing an acrobat doing a hand stand. The landscape scene around the border of both saucers are similar. Condition – overall excellent condition, minor wear to gilt edge, faint spider hairline in underside of one saucer. Dimensions 3 1/2″ height of cups, 5″ diameter of saucer. Circa 1825-35. Russia. Mallonee estate. Est. $200-$400. Realized $660.
294_1.jpg Lot#294 – Early and rare Royal Crown Derby set of six (6) cabinet plates with painted topographical scenes of Europe. All plates with early Derby crown mark in red script on verso. Each plate also titled in red script on the back: Near Winster Derbyshire, View in Cumberland, Near Naples, Near Zurich Switzerland, In Westmorland, In Germany. Each plate with gilt classical scrolled border. Condition – “Near Winster, Derbyshire” plate has two crack repairs in border area, “In Germany” plate has faint hairline to border, “View In Cumberland” has two small spots fluoresce under blacklight, indicating inpainting, “Near Zurich Switzerland” plate has four small spots fluoresce in foreground of landscape, indicating inpainting. All remaining plates in excellent condition with minor wear to gilt on border edge. 9″ diameter. Circa 1800-1820. England. Mallonee estate. Est. $1500-$2500. Realized $2,640.
303_1.jpg Lot#303 – Large service of Royal Crown Derby Red Aves pattern. Consisting of a coffee pot (9 1/4″ height with cover) , creamer (4 3/4″ height), sugar with covered lid, gravy boat and underplate, 10 teacups, 10 saucers (5 7/8″ diameter), 10 bread plates (6 1/4″ diameter) , 10 salad plates (8 3/8″ diameter), 10 dinner plates (diameter – 10 1/2″) , 2 candlesticks (height 10 1/2″ height), 6 crescent shaped plates ( 8 5/8″ width), medium cachepot (4 3/4″ height), 2 oval vegetable bowls (9 5/8″ width), round covered vegetable bowl (9′ width), oval serving platter (13 5/8″ width) , large octagonal serving bowl (10 3/4″ diameter), large charger (13 7/8″ diameter), one small semicircular shell tray (5″ width), two small candy type trays of different design (3 3/4″ width). Total of 77 pcs. Excellent condition. Mallonee estate. Est. $900-$1200. Realized $2,200.
318_1.jpg Lot#318 – Grouping of early Baccarat decanters and liquors with gold tracery. Includes Baccarat decanters and 16 liquors. Condition – wear to gold tracery on a couple of decanters, chips to stoppers on two decanters, excessive wear to gold tracery on three liquors, a couple of liquors with minor base chips, small corner base chip on two decanters. Decanters with stopper height 8″, height of liquor 2 3/4″. 19th century. France. Additional items – five crystal liquors with vine tracery, do not appear to be Baccarat. Condition – chip to rim on one liquor, base chips to a couple of liquors. 2 7/8″ height. 19th century. Est. $350-$450. Realized $550.
331_1.jpg Lot#331 – Early English chest on chest, oak and pine secondary. Resting on bracket feet, retaining the original brasses. Condition – some insect damage to blocking of top cornice (only visible from top), right cornice return replaced, left cornice return with a section of newer cornice, breaks to feet, drawer sides built up from expected wear. 68 1/2″ height x 44 1/2″ width x 22″ depth. Circa 1770. Mallonee estate. Est. $1500-$2000. Realized $2,420.

342_1.jpg Lot#342 – Gustav Stickley oak sideboard, number 814. Label on back, plate rack with original hardware. Original label on back. Very good condition, minor scuffs to top. 48″ height x 66″ length x 24″ depth. Early 20th century. $3000-$4000. Realized $6,600.
343_1.jpg Lot#343 – Gustav Stickley oak china cabinet, number 803. Remnant of original label on back. Three adjustable shelves, original hardware and glass. Very good condition. 59 7/8″ height x 36″ width x 15″ depth. Early 20th century. Est. $2500-$3500. Realized $4,180.
351_1.jpg Lot#351 – Georgia folk pottery face jugs (total 2). 1st item – Reggie and Flossie Meaders face jug, elongated curved cap. Marked on underside “Reggie Flossie Meaders”. Excellent condition. 7 1/2″ height. 2nd item – Green alkaline glazed face jug by Michael Purdue, marked on bottom, “Michael “Bugsy” Perdue 9/04″. Excellent condition. 12 1/2″ height. Mallonee estate. Est. $250-$300. Realized $440.
352_11.jpg Lot#352 – Rare Pigeon Forge pottery (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee) Santa Clause figure with red glazed had and suit. Marked on the bottom, ” Pigeon Forge Pottery Tenn. “. Excellent condition. 5 1/4” height. 20th century. Est. $100-$150. Realized $275.
358_1.jpg Lot#358 – Silver plated wire work stand fitted with two inkwells having original Bristol cobalt glass inserts, sander (does not open), and quill holders, on oval base with four classical style feet. Marked JFC and crowned L. 3 3/4″ height x 7 1/2″ width. Very good condition. English, early 19th century. Est. $100-$200. Realized $605.
365_1.jpg Lot#365 – Large Ansonia patinated spelter figural clock, Ansonia Clock Co, NY, consisting of a figure playing the harp adjacent to clock housing, resting on a base in the Renaissance Revival style. This clock is considered part of the “music” series. The clock was a wedding present to Annie Dickinson Lindsley Warden in 1898. Condition – some flaking to metal patina on figural arm and base, clock not checked for functionality. Back plate for clock present but not attached. Retains the original key. 22″ height x 19 1/2″ width. Late 19th century. Lindsley Warden estate. Est. $400-$500. Realized $825.
Lot#379 – Civil War flag pike, iron pike triangular tip and iron base mount. Oral history from the battle of Franklin, TN. Overall very good condition. 91″ length. Third quarter of 19th century. Est. $250-$350. Realized $715.