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June 24, 2006 Auction Highlights

Our Saturday, June 24th auction at the New City Cafe was a big success. Listed below are some highlights from this auction:

(prices realized do not include a 10% buyer’s premium)

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Rare East Tennessee painted child’s chest, Washington or Sullivan County, TN. Original red and black painted design consisting of flowers with heart shaped flowers flanking a central painted star design. The painted star with black dots is repeated on chest sides. Black painted base, top molding, and turned feet. This chest was exhibited in the Art and Furniture of East Tennessee exhibit at the East Tennessee Historical Society in 1990. This chest is also illustrated in the Art and Furniture of East Tennessee by Namuni Hale Young, p. 59, figure 109. 25″ width x 15 3/4″ height x 12″ depth. Circa 1830-50. Estimate $2,000-$3,000. Realized $10,100.
earlytennesseesafe450.jpg Early walnut pie safe, Washington County, Tennessee. This safe is illustrated in The Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture, Harsh and Williams, p. 164, figure 192. Two large cupboard doors with inset tins containing stylized urn, grape, and foilage designs. Similar tin designs are in the case sides. The central stile separating the doors has an inlaid band. The case ends in tapered feet. Dimensions 43.5″ height x 50″ width x 17″ depth. Second quarter of 19th century. Estimate $5,000-$7,000. Realized $9,600.
caintalljugfrnt200.jpg (Sullivan County, Tennessee redware jug, attributed to Cain pottery (also referred to as Great Road pottery). Height 9.125″. 19th century. Estimate $1,800-$2,400. Realized $3,200.
 Sullivan County, Tennessee redware jug, Cain pottery. Height 7.25″. 19th century. Estimate $1,200-$1,600. Realized $1,900.
edgefieldpottery.jpg (left) Edgefield South Carolina stoneware jar with original domed lid, marked near base of jar with a “C” mark and five incised squares on the upper midsection, attributed to the Pottersville Stoneware Manufactory, Edgefield District of South Carolina. Height of jar 15″, height of lid 4″, diameter of lid 6″. Early 19th century. Estimate $1,400-$2,800. Realized $5,500. (right) Edgefield, South Carolina jug, broken stem flower design with “4” in the flower, denoting gallon capacity. Condition – section of handle missing. Height 16.5″. Early to Mid 19th century. Estimate $1,400-$2,200. Realized $3600.
caincreampotfrnt225.jpg Sullivan County, Tennessee redware cream pot, Cain pottery. Lead glazed, sine wave and incised lines bordering around the upper midsection. Height 5.75″. 19th century. Estimate $450-$750. Realized $900.
greatroadpitcher250.jpg Manganese splotched pitcher, attributed to Cain pottery of Sullivan County, Tennessee. Provenance – John Gordon collection, NYC. Height 11.75″. Circa 1840-1880. Estimate $1,400-$1,800. Realized $3,550.
deckersaltfront300.jpg Miniature flowerpot with sine wave incising, Washington Co., TN. Attributed to Charles Decker. Illustrated in The Pottery of Charles Decker: A life well made, p. 59, figure 1. 3.75″ height. 19th century. Estimate $800-$1,200. Realized $1,450.
deckerflowerjug.jpg Cobalt decorated jug attributed to Charles Decker, Washington Co., TN. Salt glazed stoneware with three cobalt decorated flowers and cobalt decoration on handle terminus, incised line on upper midsection. Illustrated in The Pottery of Charles Decker: A life well made,p. 40, figure 1. 11 1/2″ height. Circa 1870-80. Estimate $1,200-$1,500. Realized $1,500.
seagleedgefieldpotterygrp37.jpg (left) Rare Catawba Valley North Carolina 5 gallon jar, Daniel Seagle (1805-1867), Lincoln County, NC. Incised lines on the underside of a flaring rim, one handle stamped “D.S.”, green alkaline glaze with brown/green runs with extensive pooling of glaze in the bottom of the jar. This DS stamp is similar to a Daniel Seagle stamp illustrated in Two Centuries of Potters: A Catawba Valley Tradition, Lincoln County Historical Association, p. 19, figure 12. Height 19.5″. Circa 1830-1840. Estimate $4,800-$5,800. Realized $5400.(right) Edgefield, South Carolina jug, kaolin slip trailed floral motif around a “3” (denoting gallon capacity) and “1852” date. Attributed to Thomas Chandler. Light green alkaline glaze, tapered rim, and large pulled handle. Unglazed red clay bottom. Condition – glued crack at base. Height 16 5/8″. Early to Mid 19th century. Circa 1852. Estimate $5,000-$6,000. Realized $6,200.
brhusseybank.jpg North Carolina folk pottery bank by Billy Ray Hussey. Bank with twisted handles, cobalt decorated rooster atop bank finial and cobalt runs around handles. On the coin slot side is the inscription, “Money”, and on the other side is inscribed, “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Cobalt blue band above the inscription. The bottom is inscribed, “BH XVI”. Estimate $300-$400. Realized $550.
broken-arch-corner-cupboard.jpg Southern corner cupboard, Greene County, Tennessee. Provenance – Hendrickson estate of Greeneville. Consisting of a broken arch pediment with central plinth fan, glazed doors, plain mid-molding, paneled lower cupboard doors, serpentine skirt with a central cutout, tapered feet. This cupboard is related to examples illustrated in The Art and Mystery of Tennessee Furniture, Harsh and Williams, pp 182-183. Dimensions 91″ height x 46″ width x 25.5″ depth. Circa 1825-35. Estimate $7,000-$9,000. Realized $8,200.
wilsoncochest350.jpg Southern walnut blanket chest, Wilson or Rutherford County, Tennessee. Consisting of carved diamond patterns across the top of the drawer and two rows of carved diamonds in side panels. Inlaid diamond escutcheon with hinged top. Chest rests on turned feet. Retains the original finish. Dimensions 38.5 height x 50.5″ width x 19.75″ depth. Mid 19th century. Estimate $3,000-$4,000. Realized $5,000.
wwballardjug250.jpg (left) North Carolina salt glazed jug by W. W. Ballard, stamped ‘W. W. Ballard Dockery, N.C.’ Pulled handle with concentric rings around the upper bulbous midsection. Height 7.25″. Mid to Late 19th century. Estimate $500-$600. Realized $1,700.
moffitt-jar.jpg North Carolina jar, stamped ‘M.R. Moffitt’. 10 1/4″ height. Estimate $100-$150. Realized $750.
wileychairs3001.jpg Pair of East Tennessee side chairs, attributed to Wilder family chair makers of Cocke County, TN. Maple posts and slats, hickory or ash stretchers. For a similar example, refer to The Art & Furniture of East Tennessee by Namuni Hale Young, p.26, figure 45. Dimensions – 38″ H x 18.5″ W x 14″ D. 19th century. Estimate $500-$600. Realized $775.
middletnjars350.jpg Rare pair of Middle Tennessee double handle jars. Handles on both jars pulled with a central channel, handles terminating at midsection taper and curl up. Late 19th or Early 20th century. Left jar height 8 5/8″, Right jar height 8 11/16″ height. Estimate $700-$800. Realized $1,000.
greeneonedrawertable.jpg East Tennessee one drawer table in the Hepplewhite style, Greene County, TN. Consisting of one board top, dovetailed drawer with a beveled drawer front, tapered legs. Primary wood walnut, yellow pine secondary wood. Wedged dovetails in the drawer construction are typical of Germanic cabinetmaking community in Greene County. Retains the original finish. 29 3/4″ height x 25 1/4″ width x 18 3/4″ depth. Circa 1820-30. Estimate $800-$1,100. Realized $1,500.
jellycupboardangle250.jpg Southern walnut press cupboard, Washington County, Tennessee. Consisting of one long dovetailed drawer over two doors with horizontal dividers, gallery with shaped returns, serpentine skirt and turned feet. Retains the original surface. Dimensions 54.25″ height with gallery x 46″ width x 19″ depth. Mid 19th century. Estimate $1,200-$2,400. Realized $1,900.
blackmammyandironsangle.jpg Pair of Early mammy andirons, cast iron woman figure in dress, fire dog shanks dovetail into the back of the cast figure guards. 16″ height. Circa 1850-70. Estimate $1,000-$1,200. Realized $1,350.
lurayandirons350.jpg Pair of Shenandoah Valley Andirons, attributed to the Luray furnace, Virginia, finials are the form of a man’s head resting on a fluted shaft and ending in splayed feet. Height 12″. Early 19th century. Estimate $800-$1,400. Realized $1,000.
everettwarnerpainting375.jpg Oil on board painting by Everett Longley Warner (1877-1963). Impressionist oil of a man burning leaves in a natural setting. Lyme Art Association label on the back with the signature of the artist. The painting is also signed in the lower right hand corner, “Everett Warner”. 19.25″ x 25.25 painting, 26″ x 32″ frame. Estimate $2,800-$3,800. Realized $4,700.
indianpainting300.jpg Oil on board of American Indian. Dimensions 9.5″ x 11.5″ (original frame 11 1/2″ by 13 1/2″). Late 19th/early 20th century. Estimate $500-$600. Realized $1,200.
bbcraigwigstand250.jpg North Carolina swirlware pottery wig stand by Burlon Craig. Green and cream swirled alkaline glaze in a twisting pattern, white porcelain teeth. Stamped on bottom, “B.B. Craig Vale N.C.” Excellent condtion. 12 1/2″ height. Estimate $800-$1,400. Realized $1400.
jugtownbluebowl400.jpg North Carolina Jugtown Chinese glaze bowl, , stamped JUGTOWN WARE on the bottom, Owens pottery of North Carolina, robin egg blue glaze with purple/red glaze runs inside and outside. Condition – excellent. Dimensions – 9 1/4″ diameter 3 1/4″ height. 20th Century. Estimate $450-$550. Realized $700.
cherokeecanelowbsktbest350.jpg North Carolina Cherokee rivercane carrying basket, walnut dyed cane forming the arrow design on midsection and rim, bloodroot dyed cane used the rim area, wooden handle. Condition – fading of walnut and blood dyed cane on one side of basket, otherwise excellent. Old patina on handle and cane. Dimensions – 10″ height x 13″ length. Mid to Late 19th century. Estimate $400-$550. Realized $450.
dillon8galjar.jpg Large Ohio stoneware jar, marked ‘J D Dillon 8’ and ‘Burlington’, by J. D. Dillon of Burlington, Ohio. Eight gallon capacity with inscription in script on bottom of the jar. Jar has extruded handles, rolled rim, and incising around upper and middle section. Condition – old shallow chip on inside and outside of rim, otherwise excellent. 18″ height. 19th century. Examples of Dillon’s work are in the Ohio Historical Society. Estimate $400-$500. Realized $1,000.