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Important example of Tennessee redware pottery by C. A. Haun to be offered in May 12th auction

An extremely important example of Tennessee pottery by Christopher Alexander Haun (1821-1861) will be offered in the May 12th Southern antiques auction. Haun is one of the most accomplished potters in Tennessee history, and his surviving works are some of the finest known examples of 19th century American redware. Christopher Haun had pro-Union sympathies during the Civil War and participated in burning a Confederate railroad bridge in Greene County, Tennessee. Haun was captured by Confederate forces in 1861 and put to death by hanging. A jar marked “C A Haun” will be offered and is considered to be one of the finest surviving examples of Haun’s work. Additional pottery examples attributed to Christopher Haun will also be offered in the auction. For more information, click on the following link: Haunpottery