Lot 641: 4 Bottles KY Bourbon Whiskey, 1924-1934 sealed plu

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Four one-pint bottles of Kentucky Bourbon/Whiskey dating from during and just after Prohibition. 1ST ITEM: Old McBrayer 100 proof Whiskey with original box, produced by the Nelson Distillery of Kentucky and bottled by the American Medicinal Spirits Company. Sealed. Seal states made Fall 1917 and bottled 1933. Condition: some wear and edge lifting to label and seal, some folding and small tears to box. 2ND ITEM: Old Boone's Knoll 100 proof Bourbon with original box, produced by the E.J. Curley Co. of Kentucky, bottled by the American Medicinal Spirits Company "in bond under supervision of the U.S. Govt." Sealed. Seal states made Spring of 1916 and bottled Fall of 1933. Condition: Some grime to exterior; contents are cloudy and more than half evaporated. Box with some folds, wear and small tears and staining at top. 3RD AND 4TH ITEMS: 2 sealed bottles of Bluegrass Bourbon Whiskey, 100 proof, E.J. Curley & Co. distillers (Camp Nelson, Jessamine County Ky). Made Spring of 1914, bottled Fall 1924. Caution notice on back warns "for Medicinal purposes only. Sale or use for other purposes will cause heavy penalties to be inflicted." 5th ITEM: empty bottle of Thixton's V.O. Whiskey, produced Spring 1914 by T. W. Samuels of Kentucky. Note: during Prohibition, some production of whiskey was allowed under severe restrictions, and the product itself was available only by prescription. But many doctors freely wrote prescriptions and many drug stores filled them without question. Condition: Sealed. See description for condition of individual items.